Dragon Jewellery

Dragon Jewellery

Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world.

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Blue Dragon Aroma Pendant

This stunning Blue Dragon locket pendant opens to reveal a small felt pad.  Place a few drops o..

$10.67 US

Celtic Dragon Nordic Pendant

The Celtic Dragon Nordic Pendant features a stylish dragon, designed with a subtle Pentacle and is s..

$11.10 US

Two Dragons Nordic Pendant

Two Celtic dragons create a protective and magickal amulet, cast in lead-free silver-finished pewter..

$11.44 US

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