Candle Holders

Candle Holders

A variety of candle holders for the beautiful and magickal candles in our shop, as well as other accessories. 

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Blue Star Candle Holder

A cobalt blue glass holder designed to hold our mini taper ritual candles (sold here).Measuring no m..

$3.48 US

Candle Holder: Yoga Lotus

Gorgeous new glass candle holders with frosted multi-colored patterns.  2.5".  Great for..

$6.16 US

Dragon Castle Turret Candle Holder

The Dragon Castle Turret Candle Holder depicts a dragon gripping a turret where a candle can burn li..

$33.26 US

Glass Round Chime Candle Holder

Perfect for holding our mini chime candles.  Made of glass.   Candles are sold HERE..

$3.48 US

White Selenite Candle Holder

Beautiful white Selenite candle holders.  Each piece unique, but most measure 4" in diameter and abo..

$15.45 US

Angel Cat Candle Holder

The Angel Cat Candle Holder has a unique vibe that is both adorable and austere. This gargoyle cat c..

$23.19 US

Black Metal Pullar Candle Holder

This black metal candle holder works well with our thinner pillar candles by Crystal Journey, found ..

$7.70 US

Brass Chamberstick Holder

Crafted just as the old-world chambersticks were in centuries past, these candle holders provide a g..

$3.83 US

Candle & Incense Altar Piece: Sacral Chakra

This carved marble incense and votive holder lets the joyful sacral chakra energies infuse your spac..

$23.19 US

Chakra Cube Candleholder Set

A beautiful set of glass candle holders in the Chakra colors with an attached metal symbol to repres..

$34.80 US

Chime Candle Holder, Swirl Glass

Designed to hold 1/2" mini taper candles (chime candles), this square candle holder is made of clear..

$3.48 US

Circle Of Goddesses Candle Holder

Isis. Diana. Kali. Inanna. This image was created to honor the spirit of the popular Goddes..

$64.23 US

Circle Of Gods & Goddesses Candle Holder

Circle of Gods and Goddesses statue candle holder Wiccan Pagan Circle of Gods and Goddesses s..

$106.04 US

Cube Candle Holder: Frosted Moon

This beautiful frosted glass candle holder is perfect for holding our very popular mini chime candle..

$4.61 US

Cube Candle Holder: Hand Of Fatima, Blue

This beautiful mini glass candle holder is perfect for holding our very popular mini chime candles s..

$4.61 US

Cube Candle Holder: Sun

This beautiful glass candle holder is perfect for holding our very popular mini chime candles sold H..

$4.61 US

Dragon Celtic Cross Candle Holder

This candle holder features a Blue Dragon wrapping itself around a stone coloured Celtic Cross, th..

$34.80 US

Fairy On Branch Candle Holder

This cute & funky blue fairy sits on top of her branch in an enchanting setting with a tea-light..

$32.48 US

Gargoyle Cat Candle Holder

This gothic candleholder is made entirely of cold cast resin, hand painted to resemble the classic s..

$20.09 US

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, Rough

A beautiful piece of genuine Himalayan Salt made into a candle holder.  As you can see, the hol..

$8.48 US

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