Bowls & Bells

Bowls & Bells

Offering bowls serve as vessels on the altar for holding all sorts of items, most commonly an edible dry offering (crackers, bread, etc...) to the God and Goddess.  Many people use bowls on the altar to hold sage and other herbs, crystals and gems, prayer beads, and other sacred items.  They add beauty to the altar while serving a practical purpose.

Ritual bells are used to cleanse the sacred space using sound prior to ritual.  Bells are also used to signal the beginning and end of a meditation. The pure tone of a bell ringing is said to rid one's self and ritual items and space of negativity.  Many people will also chime a bell prior to Tarot or oracle readings.

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Altar Bell, Pentacle (Silver)

Hear the light, ringing song of this small silver-plated bell and incorporate it in your magic. A ni..

$7.19 US

Brass Pentagram Hand Bell

This brass pentagram altar bell, crafted of brass, can be used for decoration purposes or for ritua..

$8.79 US

Double Dragon Bowl

This Double Dragon Bowl will hold all your favourite treasures.7.25" x 12" x 7.5" , Resin..

$44.93 US

Large Wiccan Altar Bell 5

Made of brass, these Wiccan Altar bells are a lovely addition to your altar and ritual crafts, used ..

$8.79 US

Moon Altar Bell

Representing the goddess with the triple moon symbol, this altar bell is a powerful and lovely tool ..

$15.22 US

Scrying Bowl 3"

Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. The ancient ..

$6.38 US

Believe - Shell Trinket Dish -10%

Believe - Shell Trinket Dish

Wonderfully detailed ceramic with a soft blue glaze inside. These trinket dishes are great for keys,..

$12.00 US $10.80 US

Brass Triple Moon Offering Bowl, 6"

Large brass offering bowl with four sets of triple moon around the rim of this bowl. Nice larger siz..

$22.44 US

Buddha Altar Dish

This unique dish is a great place to hold your crystals, a small candle or incense cone, jewellery, ..

$19.23 US

Cauldron Incense Holder

This unique cold-cast resin cauldron can be used as an incense burner or an ash tray. It can also se..

$16.82 US

Colored Sand for Incense Holders

This colored sand is great for using as a buffer in your bowl style incense holders.  It acts a..

$2.01 US

Copper Offering Bowl

Hammered design with rolled rim, this copper offering bowl can be used for any purpose or altar. Fil..

$8.79 US

Crescent Moon Phase Trinket Dish

A small crescent moon-shaped dish featuring the three lunar phases commonly used to signify the ..

$12.45 US

Greenman Incense Holder

This beautiful Greenman sage/cone incense burner has been designed to resemble Nature's Greenman Spi..

$12.81 US

Mermaid Offering Dish

This sweet little shell shaped mermaid dish will sit nicely on your dresser or vanity top, and hold ..

$28.87 US

Resin Pentacle Cauldron

This pewter tone cauldron displays a raised Pentacle on two sides. It has a wire handle, three feet,..

$32.08 US

Scrying Bowl, 6"

Fill this hand made black stone scrying bowl with a shallow pool of water and gaze within to gain ..

$12.00 US

Smudge Pot - Pagan Design

A colorful, multi-symbol Pagan inspired, ceramic pillar candle and smudge pot holder has a center to..

$20.84 US

Soapstone Herb Bowl

This stone incense burning bowl or smudge pot is perfect for burning sage & herbal sticks and ..

$22.44 US

Soapstone Incense Bowl, Pentacle

This stone incense burning bowl or smudge pot is perfect for burning sage & smudge sticks and ot..

$22.44 US

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