Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons, Gargoyles, Griffins

Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world. 

We also offer a selection of Gargoyle and Griffin themed items in this section, as we don't carry a lot of them, but they need a home in our shop as well.  

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The Shadow Dragon's Stream - Signed - Peter Dressler

This is Peter Dressler's first book.  Peter Dressler is one of the owners right here at Dragon ..

$12.91 US

The Dragon's Call - Signed - Peter Dressler

The Dragon's Call is written by Peter Dressler, one of the owners here at Dragon Moon Gifts.  T..

$9.68 US

Butterfly Daydream Dragon - Amy Brown

This officially licensed Amy Brown sculpture shows a Dragon in full daydream surrounded by lovely bu..

$56.29 US

Daiquiri Dragon

This Cocktails And Dragons Collection Dragon Figurine is made of designer composite resin, hand pain..

$56.29 US

Double Dragon Sword Goblet

Dragons and Swords go together as each represents the element of Fire.Two dragons intertwine making ..

$34.90 US

Dragon Beauty Box

As guardians of treasure, dragons make an excellent protector of all of your valuables, great and sm..

$48.38 US

Dragon Door Knocker

A beautiful cold cast resin, hand painted dragon's head door knocker with metal knocking ring and k..

$33.85 US

Dragon Hatchling - Golden Yellow

An adorable baby dragon hatching just for you.  Cold cast resin, hand painted, measures 4 3/4" high..

$17.71 US

Dragon Hatchling - Green

An adorable baby dragon hatching just for you.  Cold cast resin, hand painted, measures 4 3/4" high..

$17.71 US

Dragon Hatchling - Red

An adorable baby dragon hatching just for you.  Cold cast resin, hand painted, measures 4 3/4" high...

$17.71 US

Dragon Sandtimer

As ancient beings that can live for eons, dragons make a suitable representative to symbolize the p..

$35.47 US

Dragon with Baby

How adorable!  This sweet dragon duo depicts a loving parent dragon and his/her little one. Cra..

$22.56 US

Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque

The Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque would look great on any wall of your home or office. The mag..

$77.43 US

Gargoyle Dragon Drain Spout -15%

Gargoyle Dragon Drain Spout

Gargoyles are some of the most distinctive features of gothic architecture.This statue shows off th..

$62.10 US $52.78 US

Green Dragon Goblet

The Goblet shows 2 dragons intertwined  on the front and back of the Chalice with a Celtic desi..

$29.01 US

Skull Blade Dragon Goblet

Dragons and Swords have gone together for a long time, both representing the element of Fire.Comes w..

$34.90 US

Water Dragon Canvas Print

Water Dragon by Anne StokesThis Canvas Print will Brighten any room.  Comes ready to hang.MATER..

$13.68 US

White Wine Dragon

Everyone enjoys a nice glass of white wine!  This dragon is no exception, they are getting righ..

$51.61 US

Adult Green Dragon Kigurumi Costume Pajamas -40%

Adult Green Dragon Kigurumi Costume Pajamas

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Dragon.  Then always be a Dragon.The Kigurumi craze sta..

$33.89 US $20.33 US

Aqua Jewel Dragon

This beautiful resin dragon has been hand painted with much detail with vibrant jewel-tone colors.&n..

$16.10 US

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