Herbal Accessories

Herbal Accessories

A selection of various items to assist with magical herbal workings. 

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Rose & Lavender Sachet

This cute little sachet was prepared with love and positive intentions for you. It's approximately 1..

$6.05 US

Smoke Fan Feather - Animal Spirits

This unique feather has been imprinted with the paw prints of the Puma, Wolf and Bear. The handle ha..

$11.37 US

Smoke Fan Feather - Healing Treasure

A naturally shed turkey feather has been wrapped with gold faux suede. The matching fringe has been ..

$9.85 US

Soapstone Incense Bowl with Wood Stand

These attractive carved soapstone incense holder dishes from India come in an assortment of colours..

$6.08 US

Swiftlite Charcoal Tablets

Each roll contains 10 charcoal tablets for incense burning. Use these charcoal tablets with your fav..

$2.09 US

Blessings Feather

These beautiful feathers make lovely decor and altar pieces, and can be used in various spiritual pr..

$8.75 US

Chakra Feather Smoke Fan

A beautiful new 10" handmade feather fan for your herbal smoke space clearing rituals.  Bright,..

$18.98 US

Cotton Herb Tea Bag

End escaping tea problems with these ecological, reusable cloth tea bags! These also make excellen..

$0.57 US

Feathered Smoke Fan - Assorted

Feathered fans are commonly used in many spiritual traditions to help direct and waft sacred smoke f..

$10.61 US

Multi Feather Smoke Fan

Commonly used to direct and waft smoke during cleansing rituals, this layered turkey feather fan was..

$22.02 US

Triple Goddess Herbal Sachet

This beautiful sachet contains four types of herbs that represent the three aspects of the Goddess: ..

$8.33 US

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