Crystal Gift Packs

Crystal Gift Packs

These lovely, well thought out and put together gemstone sets are a great compact size to carry in your purse or pocket.  Each set is made with loving care and the best of intentions.  If there is a specific intention you are needing a crystal set for, please send us and email and our team can custom create a set just for you. 

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Chakra Gem Set

Each of these beautiful Chakra Gem Sets contain 7 polished gems that correspond with the chakra syst..

$11.48 US

Chakra Stones Kit

7 Chakra Stone Kit with a Selenite Crystal Wand and Velvet pouch Kit. Energy centers chart inside ex..

$27.60 US

Salems Spell Wellness Witch Stones

Salem's Spell-Wellness Witch Stones for Guidance and Knowledge.Included 6 witch stones, satchel, pen..

$20.69 US

Angelite Platonic Solids

Representing the five basic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the universe. Each shape with i..

$22.99 US

Chakra Healing Crystal Set

Seven Chakra Tumbled Stone set with Selenite (Satin Spar) wand and Quartz Crystal.Tumbled stones: Am..

$12.24 US

Crystal Healing Grid Set - Love

The love themed crystal grid kit features a flower of life design on a linen mat and a combination o..

$22.22 US

Crystal Healing Grid Set - Metatron's Cube

The healing themed crystal grid kit features a metatrons cube design on a linen mat and a combinatio..

$22.22 US

Engraved Chakra Stone Set

A beautiful set of genuine crystals and gemstones, each representing a chakra with ethched symbol an..

$19.15 US

Mini Gemstones Of The World Collection

This cute little collectible features 12 gemstones from around the world, showcased on a backcard an..

$5.76 US

Pagan Stone Set, Quartz Crystal

A beautiful set of Quartz Crystal palm stones with etched designs and gold foil leafing. Symbols inc..

$26.06 US

Palm Stone Set

This beautiful collection of 5 palm stones include Red Jasper, Brown Jasper, Creamy Quartz, Blue Qua..

$10.71 US

Selenite Angel Carving

The attributes and powers of Satin Spar Selenite infuse with the symbolic energies of angels to c..

$13.01 US

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