Altar Tiles & Trivets

Altar Tiles & Trivets

Trivets and tiles for your countertops, coffee tables, and sacred space.  

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Brass Cut-Out Pentagram Tile, 3 Inch

Measuring approximately 3" in diameter, this brass cut-out pentagram altar paten is a fine piece for..

$9.15 US

Handmade Wooden Altar Tile

Homemade wooden Altar tiles, in genuine Maple, Walnut or Pine.  An altar tile is a great fo..

$16.60 US

Pentacle Altar Tile, Soapstone

This enchantingly crafted altar tile, carved of soapstone, offers the design of a Pentagram on its s..

$3.12 US

Pentagram Altar Tile, Open Design, 4"

Bring the mysticism and magic of the pentacle into your sacred space with this 4", silver-plated alt..

$12.44 US

Silver Pentacle Altar Tile, 3in

Displaying a carved, interwoven pentagram, this small 3" diameter and 3/8" thick, altar tile can fu..

$9.11 US

Silver Plated Triple Moon Altar Tile

This altar tile is an elegant addition to any altar or sacred space. Made of silver plated brass, it..

$9.11 US

Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile

This lovely, fine crafted altar tile, carved of soapstone, presents the design of a triquetra on it..

$3.12 US

Triquetra Altar Tile, Soapstone

A beautiful soapstone altar tile featuring a Triquetra Celtic knot.  6".  ..

$12.47 US

Black & Gold Altar Plate, Glass

This altar plate tile makes a lovely, versatile piece for your sacred space.  Stand it as shown..

$16.60 US

Black Cat & Pentacle Coaster Set

Black cats, pentagrams, stars & crescent moons adorn this stunning 4 piece coaster set. These ..

$18.30 US

Black Cat Coaster Set

• Protect your furniture while adding decorative flavor with our drink coasters. Each coaster measur..

$26.59 US

Cat's Kitchen Trivet

Darkly beautiful black cat artwork is presented on this unique serving trivet, and reads "Witches Ki..

$27.88 US

Chakra Altar Plate / Incense Holder Set

This gorgeous set of 7 round soapstone incense holders is each intricately carved with one of the de..

$64.03 US

Crescent Moon Trinket Dish

This very cute pewter trinket dish doubles as an altar tile or just a cute little decor item you can..

$18.72 US

Dragon Crystal Grid

A beautiful handmade crystal grid, altar tile or wall hanging. This piece is versatile and can be us..

$10.78 US

Dragon Glass Incense Holder/Dish

Use as a dish, an incense holder, or many other uses.  Adorned with a silver-tone dragon charm ..

$12.47 US

Flower Of Life Chakra Crystal Grid

A beautiful handmade crystal grid, altar tile or wall hanging. This piece is versatile and can be us..

$10.78 US

Happy Sun Ash Catcher

An ash catcher suitable for stick or cone incense, carved with rope work and a dimpled design around..

$5.41 US

Incense Burner, Various Designs

These wooden incense burners hold stick style incense and come in three designs.  They each mea..

$4.95 US

Incense Holder / Altar Tile - Owl Goddess

This metallic incense holder doubles as an altar tile. It is crafted of metal, measuring 2.25" squar..

$4.58 US

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