Crystal Hearts

Crystal Hearts
What the World needs now, is LOVE.  These hearts emit a powerful healing energy and are cleansed regularly in our stock room along with all of our crystals and gems.  These make wonderful gifts for all occasions.  
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Carnelian Gem Heart

Carnelian has a strong connection with the Earth which makes it a good gem to help keep you center..

$8.75 US

Goldstone Gem Heart

Red Goldstone is a man-made stone originally created when alchemists were working towards crea..

$9.88 US

Orange Calcite Gem Heart

Orange Calcite: Creativity and new ideas.  Strong energizing and cleansing properties. Said t..

$9.15 US

Quartz Crystal Gem Heart

Quartz Crystal is great to have for various healing purposes. It's an all around great stand in for ..

$16.80 US

Rhodonite Gem Heart

Rhodonite is a stone for activating love energies in oneself and others. It is said to clear and a..

$8.75 US

Sodalite Gem Heart

Sodalite is blue with white streaks, since antiquity the stone Sodalite has been known as the ston..

$9.15 US

Mini Cat's Eye Heart

Cat's Eye describes a gemstone polished into a cabochon that displays a narrow band of concentrated ..

$5.82 US

Pyrite Heart -15%

Pyrite Heart

Pyrite is a wonderful mineral to place in the home or business for prosperity and protection.  ..

$20.46 US $17.39 US

Quartz Crystal Heart

These puffy palm sized hearts are wonderful to hold, as they emit a cleansing and healing energy. Qu..

$9.48 US

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