Crystal Hearts

Crystal Hearts
What the World needs now, is LOVE.  These hearts emit a powerful healing energy and are cleansed regularly in our stock room along with all of our crystals and gems.  These make wonderful gifts for all occasions.  
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Amethyst Gem Heart

Hold an Amethyst gem heart in your hands, and feel the loving, nurturing energy.  These hearts ..

$13.25 US

Cat's Eye Heart, Assorted

Who can resist these cute, mini heart shaped Cat’s Eye stones? These make wonderful gifts and t..

$4.62 US

Fluorite Gem Heart

Fluorite is the stone of the path, the stone of discernment. It comes from the Latin word fluo, wh..

$9.23 US

Goldstone Gem Heart

Red Goldstone is a man-made stone originally created when alchemists were working towards crea..

$10.40 US

Snowflake Obsidian Gem Heart

Snowflake Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is created from the lava flows that accompany erupti..

$14.41 US

Agate Mini Puffy Heart

Fun little puffy gem hearts you can carry in your pocket, gift to friends and family, stuff in a sto..

$6.42 US

Amazonite Mini Puffy Heart

Amazonite is a gemstone that works within the throat chakra to heal communication patterns in your l..

$7.22 US

Amethyst Mini Puffy Heart

Sweet little gemstone hearts, ready for giving or keeping. They are each hand polished to a high shi..

$7.22 US

Aqua Obsidian Gem Heart

Aqua Obsidian is a man made stone, but holds healing properties just the same.  Aqua Obsidian..

$7.99 US

Aventurine Gem Heart

Green Aventurine is translucent green quartz with chrome mica inclusions. Often mistaken for jade...

$10.40 US

Black Obsidian Mini Puffy Heart

Fun little puffy gem hearts you can carry in your pocket, gift to friends and family, stuff in a sto..

$6.42 US

Blue Goldstone Mini Puff Heart

Blue Goldstone: has a positive attitude; it is an uplifting stone. Goldstone is said to promotes vit..

$6.42 US

Brecciated Jasper Puffy Heart

The deeply integrated colours of brecciated jasper come from iron oxides and organic material embedd..

$7.99 US

Bronzite Puffy Mini Heart

Bronzite is used for protection, as it not only repels, but also sends back the negative energies to..

$4.81 US

Carnelian Gem Heart

This variety of Carnelian is often called bi-colour Carnelian, as it has various colours throughout...

$11.20 US

Chaco Pyrite Mini Puff Heart

An Earth element, Pyrite resonates with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence o..

$6.42 US

Dragon's Blood Mini Puffy Heart

These cute little puffy gemstone hearts make wonderful talismans of hope, courage, strength, love, f..

$4.81 US

Flower Agate Mini Puffy Heart

Flower Agate is the stone of personal growth. This captivating gem is a crystal of manifesting our p..

$6.42 US

Flower Of Life Selenite Heart

A beautiful piece of Satin Spar Selenite has been polished and formed into a heart shape, and etched..

$16.02 US

Fluorite Mini Puffy Heart

Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Fl..

$7.22 US

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