Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

A selection of books to help you along your crystal healing and collecting journey. 

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Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom - Margaret Ann Lembo

Shares the wisdom of animals and their matching gemstones to help work on yourself mentally, emotion..

$21.29 US

Book of Crystal Spells (tp) - Ember Grant

Take your magical work with crystals to a new level with this hands-on guide packed with spells, rit..

$21.29 US

Crystal Bliss - Devi Brown

In the spirit of The Soul Searchers Handbook, this guide offers a fresh approach to healing crysta..

$22.14 US

Crystal Grids - Henry M & Brittani Petrofsky Mason

Crystal Grids provides the necessities for successful grid workings and twenty nine specific crystal..

$17.85 US

Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths - Athena Perrakis

Spiritual teacher Athena Perrakis presents the fascinating history and legends behind dozens of crys..

$25.55 US

Crystal Muse - Heather Askinosie

Crystal Muse explores how you can transform life’s challenges into opportunities for growth by being..

$28.96 US

Crystal Seer - Judy Hall

An essential, accessible, and portable volume for using crystals for divination and ritual. Within e..

$22.14 US

Crystals - Aisha Amarfio

Crystals provides an easy to use, full color chart and the Crystal Compass that helps you diagnose t..

$22.14 US

Crystals & Stones: A Pocket Guide to Lithotherapy

THEME: Wellness through stones and crystals The Group of 5 presents this pocket version of the indis..

$8.48 US

Crystals and Numerology - Editha Wuest

A full-color guide to harnessing the potential of your life numbers through the supportive and heali..

$18.32 US

Crystals and Sacred Sites - Judy Hall

From the pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, people are captivated by the magic of the w..

$18.73 US

Gift of Crystals - Rachelle Charman

The Gift of Crystals is a beautiful guide to the study of these ancient and powerful stones, providi..

$15.29 US

Healing Crystals - Karen Ryan

Awaken your life using the power of crystals with the ultimate crystals book for beginnersGet ready ..

$22.14 US

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps - C Lefevre

The first practical book on how to use salt crystal lamps. Natural salt crystal has been credited wi..

$14.44 US

Little Bit of Crystals Kit

Explore the wondrous properties attributed to a variety of crystals and learn the many uses for them..

$22.96 US

Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing (tp) - Philip Permutt

Get in touch with the natural healing energy of crystals and transform your life forever.Crystal hea..

$17.00 US

Moldavite - Robert Simmons

Moldavite is a gemstone that fell to Earth. In this book the authors explore Moldavite in its scient..

$16.14 US

Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls - C Morton

Native American and Maya legends tell of thirteen life-size crystal skulls containing information cr..

$19.17 US

Pocket Book of Stones, Revised - Robert Simmons

The spiritual and healing qualities of 390 members of the mineral kingdom are detailed here in ..

$16.14 US

Power of Gems and Crystals - Soozi Holbeche

In this intriguing book, Soozi Holbeche reveals the fascinating secrets and mysteries associated wit..

$17.03 US

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