Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

A selection of books to help you along your crystal healing and collecting journey. 

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Crystals (hc) NR - Yulia Van Doren

From choosing and using to programming, charging, and cleansing, Crystals is a modern guid..

$15.51 US

Crystals (tp) - Judy Hall

This illuminating guide will show you how to sense the energy of these precious stones and choose th..

$11.82 US

Crystals and Sacred Sites - Judy Hall

From the pyramids of Giza to Stonehenge to Machu Picchu, people are captivated by the magic of the w..

$16.25 US

Crystals for Energy Healing (hc) - Ashley Leavy

Get advice and information about 100 healing crystals!This comprehensive sourcebook of 100 essential..

$19.21 US

Crystals for Healing (tp) - Simon Lilly

A comprehensive guide to the world's crystals, with over one hundred individual photographic portrai..

$16.25 US

Crystals for Positive Manifestation (hc) - Sarah Bartlett

Learn how to use crystals to get what you want out of life!This comprehensive sourcebook of 100 esse..

$19.21 US

Crystals, Updated Edition (tp) NR - Rachelle Charman

Crystals, the definitive crystal Bible, brings a fresh new approach to the world of crystals by prov..

$21.40 US

Everyday Crystals for a Better Life (tp) - Ken Taylor

The beauty and healing properties of crystals and other stones have long been recognised. In Everyda..

$11.79 US

Healing Crystals - Karen Ryan

Awaken your life with crystal energy therapy and discover the healing powers of the natural world. G..

$19.21 US

Healing Crystals - Nathaelh Remy

Temper tantrums, teenage tiredness, infertility, anxiety during pregnancy, hot flashes . . . each ne..

$14.77 US

Hot Stone & Gem Massage - D Fleck

A fully illustrated guide to the ancient Hawaiian art of massage using hot stones. Included are inst..

$14.74 US

Little Bit of Crystals Kit

Explore the wondrous properties attributed to a variety of crystals and learn the many uses for them..

$19.92 US

Little Book of Crystals - Judy Hall

This enchanting little guide contains everything you need to enhance your life using crystals. Focus..

$6.64 US

Little Crystals Kit

Discover how crystals can enrich your life with The Little Crystals Kit - from bestselling author an..

$11.08 US

Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing (tp) - Philip Permutt

Get in touch with the natural healing energy of crystals and transform your life forever.Crystal hea..

$14.74 US

Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips and Cures (tp) - Philip Permutt

Let the energy of crystals transform your life with this handy illustrated guide.Beautiful, mesmeric..

$14.74 US

Metaphysical Book Of Gems And Crystals - F Megemont

Gemstones have been used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes since antiquity in all traditions. T..

$20.66 US

Mystery Of The Crystal Skulls - C Morton

Native American and Maya legends tell of thirteen life-size crystal skulls containing information cr..

$16.63 US

Pocket Book of Stones, Revised - Robert Simmons

The spiritual and healing qualities of 390 members of the mineral kingdom are detailed here in ..

$13.27 US

Pocket Guide to Crystals & Gemstones - Knight

Whether you are simply curious about the different types of stones and crystals or want to explore..

$6.64 US

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