Shop Disclaimer

All herbs, incense, fragrances, essential oils, room sprays, soaps, candles, bath salts, and crystals, are sold to you with the intention you will use these items for their intended purposes only, and in the appropriate way. We do not recommend ingesting any herb or essential oil without the advice from a licensed health care practitioner. We do not claim using these products will result in health benefits. Please research how to use these items properly prior to purchase.

All thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations made by authors of Tarot / Oracle decks and books we sell, are intellectual property belonging to those authors, and are not necessarily what we fully align with ourselves.

Candles and incense should always be placed in appropriate heat-safe holders, and should never be left burning unattended. Always burn candles, incense, oils and other botanicals in a ventilated area.

Please Note: Many essential oils and incense fragrances do not metabolize properly in the bodies of dogs, cats, birds and other household pets. Please research this or speak to your veterinarian for more information. Always research any herb, oil, or fragrance before using in your home around children, pets, elderly, etc...We can't stress enough the importance of knowing how to use these items properly.

We do not take responsibility for the misuse of any of these items or information. This disclaimer releases us from all liability.

A note on Orgone, also known in healing circles as "Orgonite" - We do not claim that our artistic versions of Orgone are the same scientific versions as the original Orgone devices created by Dr Wilhelm Reich. These are inspired by his work. All Orgone items in our shop were crafted by other artists. We reserve the right to offer these items in our shop as creative expressions by the artists. We do not craft these items ourselves.

About "Smudging", Smoke Cleansing & First Nations Art - Our herbs and herbal teas are purchased through Canadian suppliers, as well as sources in the USA we've trusted for years. At Dragon Moon, we honour and respect all faiths, traditions, and cultures. People of all spiritual backgrounds use herbs for both practical and spiritual purposes. This is why we offer fresh herbs, bundles, teas, and other herbal items in our shop. We believe these items should be available to all at reasonable prices. We strive to purchase these herbals from companies who respect Mother Earth. To the best of our knowledge, all herbals we offer are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested.

Having various herbs for smoke cleansing in our shop provides us the opportunity to educate people about the term "smudge" and "smudging". Please know that smudging is a traditional and sacred practice belonging to First Nations peoples. We ourselves are not First Nations. We feel it is important and respectful to make the distinction between smudging and smoke cleansing. Smudging is a sacred ceremony that is taught and passed down by elders in First Nations communities. Please be mindful of using the word "smudge" when you are cleansing your sacred space. They are similar, yes - but not entirely the same thing. If you'd like to know more about traditional Indigenous cultural practices, please contact your local First Nations cultural centre.

Also note: We no longer carry dream catchers that resemble the traditional dream catchers crafted by various First Nations communities. We do carry some hangings that are crafted in a similar style, but are not traditional. We highly recommend that if you're looking into purchasing traditional dream catchers and other First Nations handicrafts, that you purchase authentically made items from the appropriate sources. It's a good idea to get in touch with your local First Nations cultural centre, and they can put you in touch with artisans who would surely appreciate your business and support.

Dragon Moon Gifts is located in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. The town of Pincher Creek is located on the traditional territory of the Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood), Piikani (Peigan), Stoney-Nakoda, and Tsuut'ina (Sarcee) First Nations people.

Thank you,

-The Dragon Moon Team