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All herbs, incense, fragrances, essential oils, room sprays, soaps, candles, bath salts, and crystals, are sold to you with the intention you will use these items for their intended purposes only.  We do not recommend ingesting any herb or essential oil without the advice from a licensed health care practitioner. We do not claim using these products will result in health benefits.  We hope you will research how to use these items properly prior to purchase. All thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations made by authors of Tarot / Oracle decks and books we sell, are intellectual property belonging to those authors, and are not necessarily what we agree with or recommend. We do not take responsibility for the misuse of any of these items. 

-The Dragon Moon Team


A note on the naturally sourced items we offer:

Every effort is made on our part as shop owners to source our wares from ethical companies who cherish Mother Earth. We strive to only work with companies who believe in free-trade and eco-friendly, sustainable practices. The companies from whom we source our crystals, gemstones, fossils and other minerals, herbs and natural products, have assured us that they are procuring these items from nature in the most respectful and responsible ways possible.

In regards to the herbs we offer: one company we source herbs from have sustainably grown the herbs themselves on their own small family farm. This includes white sage, sweetgrass, cedar and other herbs. Other companies we source herbs from, are working directly with Indigenous people in their areas, and the herbs are being harvested by Indigenous companies that employ people in those communities.

A note on items that are sacred to North American First Nations Indigenous people:

Smoke cleansing is the practice of energetically cleansing a person, place or thing by way of burning herbs and creating smoke that can be directed at someone, something, or to cleanse the entire space. This is practiced by people of many cultures around the world, and has been since ancient times. We find it fascinating that so many cultures share this common practice. In ancient Scandinavia, for example, Pine, Balsam Fir, Birch, Oak, Juniper, Wormwood, varieties of Sage, Sweetflag, Mugwort (to name a few) were and still are sacred to practitioners of Norse Paganism. The ancient Scottish Picts also burned many types of the same plants mentioned, which was called "Saining", to cleanse themselves, their homes, animals, and property of negative energies.

As non-Indigenous Pagans, we acknowledge and respect that many of the herbs we offer are sacred to First Nations peoples of North America, where we live. They use these herbs for their prayers and ceremonies, and that is to be respected. We do want to make it clear that smoke cleansing is a practice that does not belong to any one culture or spiritual path. Smudging, however, is a First Nations custom that is entirely different, and sacred to them. If you are non-Indigenous yourself, please be mindful of using the words "smudge" and "smudging" to describe your own smoke cleansing practice.  

We do welcome bartering for White Sage, Sweetgrass (Sweetflag), Cedar (in our case, Cypress) and other herbs that are precious to Indigenous peoples. It is important to give everyone the opportunity to obtain these herbs by way of bartering and trade, instead of the exchange of money. Bartering is a First Nations custom, and we want to honor that. We would also love to offer authentically crafted Indigenous items in our shop in the future. If you are an Indigenous artist, we'd love to hear from you. It would be an honor to trade with you.

With that being said, we encourage those who are seeking authentic-made Indigenous items to contact your local First Nations community center, and ask them first. Please, always give your patronage and offerings for barter to them first when seeking out these items. If you are wanting to learn about First Nations spirituality, it is they who are best able to guide and teach you. We are grateful to the First Nation's Elders who brought some things to our attention and gave us the opportunity to learn from them. Thank you for your wisdom.

If you have any questions or concerns about our business practices, please reach out to us. We're always willing to learn new things from people of all walks of life, cultures, and spiritual beliefs. It is never our intention to offend anyone by the things we offer in our shop. We're simply trying to make these things available for all, no matter their spiritual path.

The below linked website is an excellent, reliable source of well documented information regarding the herbal plants held sacred by the First Nations Indigenous people of Canada, and other historical information.

A very informative video about sacred smoke ceremonies of Ancient Scandinavian people and Norse Pagans, by Freyia Norling, a well educated Völva (wise woman) living in Arctic Norway. 

--> Watch HERE <---

Another great article by a herbal practitioner in Ireland, sharing some information on the European usage of herbs for smoke cleansing.

If you are concerned with the depletion of Californian white sage, here is a great blog post with alternatives for smoke cleansing other than the use of California white sage.

--> Read HERE <--

Thank you,

-The Dragon Moon Team

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