Shop Disclaimer

All herbs, incense, fragrances, essential oils, room sprays, soaps, candles, bath salts, and crystals, are sold to you with the intention you will use these items for their intended purposes only. We do not recommend ingesting any herb or essential oil without the advice from a licensed health care practitioner. We do not claim using these products will result in health benefits. Please research how to use these items properly prior to purchase. All thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations made by authors of Tarot / Oracle decks and books we sell, are intellectual property belonging to those authors, and are not necessarily what we agree with or recommend. We do not take responsibility for the misuse of any of these items or information.

A Note About Essential Oils

Essential oils are volatile plant oils that are very strong when undiluted. We always, always recommend you use them with a carrier base oil such as jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed or coconut. Always do a small patch test with the diluted oil, before using a larger amount. We do NOT recommend ingesting any essential oil. They are for external use only. We do not recommend essential oils as a replacement for proper medical care, nor do we claim any health effects. Remember: a little goes a very long way. Do not overuse essential oils. Do NOT use directly in the bath water, unless you've researched the oil first. DO NOT use around children or pets, unless you are knowledgeable on the use of essential oils.

*Many essential oils do not metabolize properly in the bodies of dogs, cats, birds and other household pets* Please research this or speak to your veterinarian before deciding that essential oils are a good choice for your household.

ALWAYS use essential oils in a well ventilated area, and only a few drops at a time. Do not use straight essential oil in candle-heated oil warmers. They must be used with water, and only a few drops at a time! If you're using essential oils in a steam diffuser, again - always use diffuser machines as directed.

We can't stress enough the importance of knowing how to use these oils properly.

A Note About Burning Incense Indoors:

ALWAYS burn incense, resins, herbs and other scented items in a well ventilated room. Incense smoke can quickly overtake the senses, and can be too much for sensitive people and pets. Always use appropriate holders for the incense type you're burning, and never leave burning material unattended - not even for a few minutes. We care about you and the well-being of you and your family.

Where Do We Source Our Products?


Our minerals are sourced through Canadian and American suppliers, who work directly with mines in various locations around the world. We only carry genuine, fairly traded minerals. If a crystal or stone is man-made or altered, we always state that. 

We do our best to describe the minerals in detail and in photos. Please accept that because these items are formed in nature, they will always have some natural 'flaws' that make them unique, kind of like us. 


Our altar cloths, tarot bags, gem pouches, throws, totes bags, and other cloth items are most often sourced through fair trade companies in Canada, the USA, and India.


Our statuary lines are crafted in Canada, the USA, the UK, and China. All items are fairly traded.


The athames, altar tiles, chalices, bells, brass bowls, and soapstone items we carry are most commonly crafted in India. Most of our wooden gift boxes are also crafted in India. These are all sourced through fair trade companies.


Our jewellery is sourced from all around the world, fairly traded, and some pieces are handmade by us or friends of Dragon Moon.


Many of our incense and oils are crafted in India, while other brands are crafted in Japan, the USA and Canada. Our oils are crafted with cosmetic grade perfume oils, and the essential oils we carry are classified as therapeutic grade natural oils.


Most candles we offer are crafted in Canada, the USA, Germany and China. Our candles are all crafted with natural waxes and wicks, with cosmetic grade fragrances and real essential oils.


Books and card decks we carry are by publishers in Canada, the USA, and various European countries. 


Our herbs and herbal teas are purchased through Canadian suppliers, as well as sources in the USA we've trusted for years. At Dragon Moon, we honor and respect all faiths, traditions, and cultures. People of all spiritual backgrounds use herbs for both practical and spiritual purposes. This is why we offer fresh herbs, bundles, teas, and other herbal items in our shop. We believe these items should be available to all at reasonable prices. We strive to purchase these herbals from companies who respect Mother Earth. To the best of our knowledge, all herbals we offer are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested with permission on privately owned land. Please be aware that sage and sweetgrass in particular, are sacred to Indigenous people. We recognize this, which is why we strive to offer sustainably grown sage and sweetgrass, as to not deplete these plants in the wild.

A Note On SMUDGING, Smoke Cleansing, And Herbs Sacred To First Nations People

Having various herbs for smoke cleansing in our shop provides us the opportunity to educate people about what smudging really is. Please know that smudging is a closed practice belonging to First Nations peoples. We ourselves are not First Nations, but we feel it is important and respectful to make the distinction between smudging and smoke cleansing. If you are smoke cleansing your home of negative energies, that is not smudging. Smudging is a sacred ceremony that is taught and passed down by the elders in the First Nations communities. Please, be mindful of using the word "smudge" when you are cleansing your sacred space. They are similar, yes - but not entirely the same thing. If you'd like to know more about traditional Indigenous cultural practices, please contact your local First Nations cultural centre.

We do also honour the First Nations custom of bartering for these herbs. If you'd like to trade handicrafts or other items, we're open to the trade of items for the herbs, so that no money is exchanged. We do have to charge for the herbs, normally, as it would be very costly for us to give it away for free. We hope that is understandable. We do keep our herb prices very affordable so that more people are able to obtain them.

If you're unsure about using Sage or Sweetgrass in your own practice, there are many other herbal alternatives. We offer a variety of choices. With this being said, we invite you to check out these informative links about the herbs most sacred to Canadian First Nations.

Uses of Plants among Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Indigenous Peoples' Medicine in Canada

A Note On Vegan Products: While we fully support those who live a vegan lifestyle, we cannot guarantee that all of our items are vegan. While all efforts are made to purchase our inventory from crafters and companies that respect nature and wildlife, we cannot ever state we are a completely vegan shop. The feathers, leather, crystals, herbs, and other components used in the creation of many of our items are collected by the crafters themselves. We strive to only purchase these items from reputable sources, from people who respect the earth and animals.

A Note on The Environment: All of our packing material is recycled and reused. We have done this for over 18 years and have prevented hundreds of pounds of cardboard, paper, tissue, foam chips and other materials from ending up in landfills. This is one way we have committed to help the environment as a small business.

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