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Please understand that by no means are we stating that crystals, candles, incense, herbs and oils can cure an ailment, relieve clinical depression, or make all of life's problems magickally disappear.  We simply believe in the power of gifting yourself or someone you love a beautiful, unique, meaningful gift.  The simple act of treating yourself or someone you love has much magick and power in it.  

All herbs, incense, fragrances, essential oils, sage, sweetgrass, smudge woods, room sprays, soaps, bath salts, and crystals (loose, rough, tumbled, in jewelry form) are sold to you with the intention you will use these items for their intended purposes only.  We do not recommend ingesting any herb or essential oil without the advice from a licensed health care practitioner.  We do not claim using these products will result in health benefits.  We hope you will research how to use these items properly prior to purchase.  Once your order is picked, packed and out the door, it is out of our hands as to what you decide to do with your purchase.  We do not take responsibility for the misuse of any of these items. 

This disclaimer releases us from all liability. 

-The Dragon Moon Team

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