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All herbs, incense, fragrances, essential oils, room sprays, soaps, candles, bath salts, and crystals, are sold to you with the intention you will use these items for their intended purposes only, and in the appropriate way. We do not recommend ingesting any herb or essential oil without the advice from a licensed health care practitioner. We do not claim using these products will result in health benefits. Please research how to use these items properly prior to purchase.

All thoughts, opinions, suggestions and recommendations made by authors of Tarot / Oracle decks and books we sell, are intellectual property belonging to those authors, and are not necessarily what we agree with or recommend.

Candles and incense should always be placed in appropriate heat-safe holders, and should never be left burning unattended. Always burn candles, incense, oils and other botanicals in a ventilated area. 

Please Note: Many essential oils and incense fragrances do not metabolize properly in the bodies of dogs, cats, birds and other household pets. Please research this or speak to your veterinarian for more information. Always research any herb, oil, or fragrance before using in your home around children, pets, elderly, etc...We can't stress enough the importance of knowing how to use these items properly.

We do not take responsibility for the misuse of any of these items or information. This disclaimer releases us from all liability. 

Thank you,

-The Dragon Moon Team

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