Raw Minerals

Raw Minerals
Crystal and gems in their raw, unpolished state.  These pieces are rough, but still so wonderful to work with for healing.  Many people find it very interesting to see the gems in their natural form without a polished finish.  Quite a few of our customers enjoy collecting both the raw and polished versions of their favorite gems.  Children also find it fascinating to see what the gems looked like prior to the polishing process. 
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Blue Calcite, Rough Stone

Calcite can be found in various colors.  It increases psychic ability and assists in astral t..

$1.97 US

Carnelian, Rough

Beautiful Carnelian in it's natural form.  Approximately 1.5" to 2". Every piece is unique.&nbs..

$1.54 US

Dalmatian Stone, Rough

Each piece of raw Dalmatian Stone totally unique.  They measure approximately 1". The Dalmatia..

$1.58 US

Discovery Geode - Break at Home (Large)

Each geode contains natural crystals, and the geodes measure approximately 1 3/4" - 2".  You wi..

$4.54 US

Fluorite Octahedron

Fluorite is the stone of the path, the stone of discernment. It comes from the Latin word fluo, wh..

$2.96 US

Green Calcite, Rough

Green Calcite draws money and prosperity to your doorstep.  It is a heart chakra gem, healing f..

$1.97 US

Petrified Wood, Rough

Petrified wood is totally magical. Imagine - wood that has become like rock over the course of milli..

$1.54 US

Tangerine Quartz

Use Tangerine Aura's energies to activate the Sacral Chakra, allowing one to feel more at home in on..

$3.12 US

Amethyst Cluster Specimens

Amethyst is a meditation gem, used often for dream recall, peaceful sleep so you wake up feeling ref..

$11.79 US

Aqua Aura Crystal Specimen A

This is a crystal for calmness, allowing us to connect with the higher Realms. It helps to facilitat..

$19.68 US

Aura Quartz, Med

Aura Quartz crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their abili..

$14.95 US

Aura Quartz, Sm

Aura Quartz crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their abili..

$7.06 US

Black Amber, Raw

Black Amber is stone medicine for protection. It prevents psychic attack and creates an energy shiel..

$2.37 US

Brazilian Banded Amethyst Crystal

These rare and very hard to come by crystals are a form of Amethyst only found in Brazil.  They..

$3.55 US

Citrine Cluster Specimen

The color of Citrine is happy, joyful, inspiring and cheerful.  This energetic crystal can help..

$7.06 US

Citrine Crystal Point

Citrine brings abundance, power, and helps build financial prosperity for the bearer.  Citr..

$3.55 US

Flint Arrowhead

Flints are composed of a mixture of quartz, agate, shell and diatom fragments, traces of hematite, i..

$0.79 US

Gold Aura Kyanite Blade

These Gold Aura Kyanite blades show off that amazing feather-like characteristic that Kyanite is kno..

$15.73 US

Mica Specimen C42

The photos do not do this piece justice!  This specimen is a genuine piece of multi-layered mic..

$33.13 US

Peacock Aura Kyanite Blade

Beautiful, unique, and hard to find Peacock Aura Kyanite.  The beautiful color is created by co..

$22.04 US