Raw Minerals

Raw Minerals
Crystal and gems in their raw, unpolished state.  These pieces are rough, but still so wonderful to work with for healing.  Many people find it very interesting to see the gems in their natural form without a polished finish.  Quite a few of our customers enjoy collecting both the raw and polished versions of their favorite gems.  Children also find it fascinating to see what the gems looked like prior to the polishing process. 
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Red Calcite, Rough

Gorgeous pieces of Red Calcite in it's raw form.  These pieces are so rich in color, they are j..


Smokey Quartz Cluster K70

This particular cluster is for those who enjoy DARK Smokey Quartz.  It's simply enchanting!Smok..


Stitchtite Specimen ~ Heart Chakra Love Stone

Stichtite, found primarily in Australia, is a carbonate of chromium and magnesium. It is a very ca..


VibesUp - Peacock Ore -20%

VibesUp - Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore - Extreme Eye Candy!A new even brighter batch of this unique stone that is a gorgeous pi..

$10.99US $8.79US

VibesUp - Sunshine Nuggets -20%

VibesUp - Sunshine Nuggets

These beautiful pieces of golden Orange Calcite are our VibesUP Sunshine Nuggets! What a great piece..

$10.99US $8.79US