Raw Minerals

Raw Minerals
Crystal and gems in their raw, unpolished state.  These pieces are rough, but still so wonderful to work with for healing.  Many people find it very interesting to see the gems in their natural form without a polished finish.  Quite a few of our customers enjoy collecting both the raw and polished versions of their favorite gems.  Children also find it fascinating to see what the gems looked like prior to the polishing process. 
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Mica Specimen C42

The photos do not do this piece justice!  This specimen is a genuine piece of multi-layered mic..


Mica Specimen E20

This  silver-sheen Mica specimen is very hard to capture in photos that do it justice.  Th..


Mica Specimen F54

This  silver-sheen Mica specimen is very hard to capture in photos that do it justice.  Th..


Moldavite Cluster Specimen ~ Spiritual Transformation

Moldavite is a gemstone that fell to Earth.  These pieces have been mined in Czech Republic and..


Multi-Tone Calcite Cluster Specimen

These gorgeous caramel colored Calcite clusters are completely natural, left in the raw state as the..


Muzquiz Fluorite Cluster B

These fabulous pieces come from the Esperanza Mine, Melchor Muzquiz, Coahulla, Mexico. This mine is ..


Natural Quartz Crystal

Natural, rough Quartz crystal from Brazil.  Each beautiful piece is exactly as it was found in ..


Natural Smokey Quartz Crystal

Natural Smokey Quartz crystal, exactly as it was found in nature.  Each piece measures approxim..


Orange Calcite, Rough

These beautiful creamsicle colored Orange Calcite pieces are very gemmy and luscious!  We're ve..


Peach Calcite, Rough

Gorgeous pieces of Peach Calcite in it's raw form.  These pieces are so rich in color, they are..


Petalite Crystals, Pack of 3

Petalite helps to open and activate the Crown and higher chakras to stimulate clairvoyance, clairaud..


Pink Opal, Raw

Do you often find yourself engulfed in negativity? Do you experience negative thoughts about others ..


Prehnite Raw Cluster ~ Higher Realms, Higher Self

Known as the Stone of Prophecy, Prehnite has long been used by South African indigenous shamen. ..


Quartz Crystal Point, Assorted

We will select a beautiful piece of Quartz just for you.   These pieces are approximately 2.5" ..


Rainbow & Angel Geodes

No photo could ever truly do justice for these geodes justice, they are so much more beautiful in pe..


Red Calcite, Rough

Gorgeous pieces of Red Calcite in it's raw form.  These pieces are so rich in color, they are j..


Red Moroccan "Dragon Quartz" Crystal (small)

Red Dragon Quartz is beautiful, stunning, powerful candy red to deep maroon quartz crystals fr..


Smokey Quartz Cluster K70

This particular cluster is for those who enjoy DARK Smokey Quartz.  It's simply enchanting!Smok..


Stitchtite Specimen ~ Heart Chakra Love Stone

Stichtite, found primarily in Australia, is a carbonate of chromium and magnesium. It is a very ca..


Sulphur Quartz Specimen

Volcanic in origin, Sulphur (Sulfur) carries a negative charge, and it detoxifies and absorbs nega..


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