Mini Citrine Clusters - Brighten Up Your Day!

Mini Citrine Clusters - Brighten Up Your Day!

These sweet little mini clusters of sunny goodness are affordable and collectible, as no two are ever the same. They make wonderful gifts for friends, co-workers, teachers, Easter baskets, etc... They measure approximately 3.5 cm to 5 cm x 32 cm to 3.5 cm. They are approximately 2 cm tall. No two are ever the same and measurements vary slightly.

Sold in singles. *Heat treated variety of Citrine*

Citrine is a stone of self-esteem and confidence. The heat-treated variety offers a burst of color that instantly reminds of a bright sunny day, new beginnings and happier times. The heat-treated variety is much like Amethyst in it's properties, because it is Amethyst that has been heated to create this gorgeous colour. Some people prefer au-natural, and that's fine - some people enjoy this variety of Citrine, and yes - we do call it Citrine for a lack of a better name. Not everyone can afford genuine Citrine, and we try to offer a good variety of alternatives. Remember - crystal healing is 95% your own energy and intention, and the crystal is but an extension of you!

Citrine and Amethyst often form together, which is called Ametrine. We do offer Ametrine in the shop as well. Citrine and Amethyst are varieties of QUARTZ crystal, they just grew in soil and climates that offered different minerals and deposits which turned it either purple (Amethyst) or yellow (Citrine). In this case, Amethyst has been HEAT treated, which turns it yellow. It can act as a stand-in for Citrine for some crystal healers, or collectors who just enjoy it for what it is - a GORGEOUS, happy, bright and cheerful crystal!

A bright and colourful, cheerful crystal that reminds us what is important in life and restores a youthful outlook. Is said to inspire weight loss and the desire to be outdoors. A stone of success and prosperity!

*The heat treated variety of Citrine is BEAUTIFUL, and one of our favorites. If you prefer the totally natural Citrine, it is a lot pricier and we do offer it various forms as well, but not always. It is hard to come by most of the time!

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