Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes

We strive to carry a good selection of magical chests and boxes to store your precious jewellery, crystals, Tarot and other treasures.

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Dragon Beauty Box

As guardians of treasure, dragons make an excellent protector of all of your valuables, great and sm..

$45.10 US

Dragon's Slumber Tarot Box

Don't wake the sleeping dragon lying on the lid of this incredibly detailed box with vines creeping ..

$32.31 US

Egyptian Scarab Box

This beautiful Egyptian scarab box would be perfect for all your small treasures.  It is intricately..

$21.03 US

Mandala Trinket Box

The mandala is a symbol of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. Its symbolic pattern usually com..

$27.05 US

Antiqued Look Fairy Box

This very classy Fairy Trinket Box will capture your heart. The base of the box features an art-nouv..

$21.03 US

Anubis Trinket Box

This gorgeous trinket box features the ancient Egyptian god Anubis in his full jackal form. The box ..

$28.55 US

Black Cat Tarot Box

Enhance your space with this magical box for your magical treasures. This box is also great for ho..

$22.56 US

Celtic Dragon Trinket Box

This gorgeous Celtic Dragon Trinket and Jewelry Box has the finest details and is crafted of a cold-..

$24.04 US

Celtic Four Seasons Box

A beautiful trinket storage box featuring Celtic knotwork and 4 sides depicting the 4 Seasons. Each ..

$23.70 US

Chakra Lotus Box

This beautiful Chakra Lotus inlay wooden box is the perfect place for keeping jewelry, crystals and ..

$21.03 US

Chakra Treasure Box

This beautiful 5" x 7" hinged box is lightly lined for storing your most beautiful and treasured ite..

$20.69 US

Charming Green Fairy Trinket Box

This charming green fairy sits on top of her box guarding the secret treasures stowed inside. Detail..

$30.05 US

Crystal Inlay Box: Goddess Moonstone

This beautiful velvet lined wooden box is perfect for holding your jewellery, gems, treasures, or ta..

$27.46 US

Double Dragon Box

What could be better than one dragon guarding your trinkets? Two! This fantastic trinket box provide..

$24.04 US

Dragon Egg Trinket Box Set

Two little dragons sit atop their eggs, which open to reveal a compartment inside for your small tre..

$47.36 US

Dragon Orb Trinket Box

As you remove the lid of the Dragon Orb Trinket Box, you'll gaze in awe at the magnificent valuables..

$14.26 US

Egyptian Goddess Trinket Box

This beautiful depiction of the Goddess Isis is created in a bronze-like trinket box.  This lov..

$27.05 US

Floral Peace Sign Box Set

 These hand carved hinged boxes come as a set of three to hold all your small treasures.&nb..

$31.56 US

Flower Of Life Trinket Box, Square

This small Flower of Life inlay wooden box is the perfect place for keeping your most precious small..

$8.99 US

Goddess Isis Trinket Box

A beautiful trinket box created in an ancient Egyptian style with Goddess Isis on top and various he..

$30.05 US

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