Fairies have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae with our jewellery selection.

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Tink Earrings, Sterling

Adorable Tinkerbell fairy earrings, cast in sterling silver.  They measure approx. 3/4" long.  They ..

$16.25 US

Yoga Fairy Charm, Sterling

A cute little fairy in a meditative/yoga pose.  Sterling silver, approx. 1/2".  Will arriv..

$14.62 US

Antilla Fairy Pendant

This sweet little fairy with jeweled wings will add a touch of whimsical fun to your jewelry wardrob..

$13.81 US

Bubble Rider Fairy Pendant, Sterling

Complete your Bubble Rider Fairy Collection with the Bubble Rider Fairy Silver Pendant.Celebrate the..

$47.21 US

Butterfly Fairy Earrings

These beautiful, mystical and magical fairy earrings will bring a playful and positive energy to you..

$11.37 US

Celtic Fairy Drop Earrings

Celtic fairy drop earrings – Polished pewter fairies with openwork wings on surgical steel hooks.A f..

$26.85 US

Celtic Fairy Necklace

Celtic knots and a mystical fairy with faux red jewels, set in a lead-free pewter design. This neckl..

$19.51 US

Celtic Fairy Pendant, sm

Celtic fairy pendant small – polished pewter fairy with openwork wings on an 18″ rhodium-plated bras..

$27.66 US

Constance Fairy Pendant

The winged sprite Constance is suspended in flight by a necklace loop in this fairyland pendant. Cas..

$16.25 US

Dahude Druid Mermaid Talisman

The story of Dahud, a Druid Pagan Princess, tells of how one religion supplanted another in the Anci..

$17.52 US

Dainty Fairy Pendant, Sterling

Evoking a sense of exquisite magic and charm, this lovely little smiling fairy will brighten your li..

$21.96 US

Daphne Fairy Pendant

This sweet little fairy pendant would be a wonderful gift for any fairy lover you know, or the fairy..

$19.51 US

Dark Wings Fairy Necklace

Celebrate the fairy's prominent yet elusive place in folklore and legend.Meticulously crafted from f..

$51.29 US

Dream Locket - Fairy & Dragon

A reversible 2-in-1 locket, to hold your dreamsThese beautiful new lockets are fully reversible, so ..

$30.10 US

Enchanted Fairy & Gem Charm, Sterling

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Enchanted Fairy Holding Gem Silver Charm capture..

$24.40 US

Enchanted Fairy Silver Charm

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Enchanted Fairy Silver Charm with Crystal captur..

$27.66 US

Faerie Glade Necklace

The ephemeral delicacy of a garden fairy reflecting the short but sweet life of a black rose.  ..

$26.03 US

Fairy Holing A Moonstone Pendant, Sterling

This unqiue design in sterling silver features a smiling little fairy with Celtic wings, holing a ge..

$36.62 US

Fairy Moon Dream Silver Pendant

The Fairy Moon Dream Silver Pendant will inspire any fan of fairy enchantment. Inspired by the art o..

$29.29 US

Fairy Moon Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful .925 sterling silver pendant features a fairy with open wings sitting on a crescent m..

$16.25 US

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