Faerie & Mermaid Jewellery

Faerie & Mermaid Jewellery

Fairies, Faeries, however you spell it, these little winged beings have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae with our jewelry selection.

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Angel Wing Amethyst Heart Pendant

Sterling silver angel wings with an Amethyst heart center create a magical and meaningful piece.&nbs..

$34.68 US

Blue Moon Diva Necklace

Crafted from the renowned designs of artist Amy Brown, this necklace is expertly made of the finest ..

$15.74 US

Butterfly Fairy Pendant, Sterling

For those of you who love old-world Art Nouveau designs as much as we do, this is the perfect pi..

$22.84 US

Magic Wand Fairy Pendant, Sterling

A very unique and beautiful fairy pendant in sterling silver.  3/4" long.  Would be a very dainty a..

$8.29 US

The Cobweb Fairy Pendant

This adorable little fairy is responsible for placing those lovely cobwebs in your home that seem to..

$18.11 US

Tink Earrings, Sterling

Adorable Tinkerbell fairy earrings, cast in sterling silver.  They measure approx. 3/4" long.  They ..

$26.79 US

Tinker Fairy Charm

A very sweet little fairy cham, suitable as a dainty pendant, a charm for your charm bracelet, a bea..

$11.80 US

Yoga Fairy Charm, Sterling

A cute little fairy in a meditative/yoga pose.  Sterling silver, approx. 1/2".  Will arriv..

$14.16 US

Antilla Fairy Pendant

This sweet little fairy with jeweled wings will add a touch of whimsical fun to your jewelry wardrob..

$13.38 US

Blue Fairy Pendant

This pretty little fairy will add a touch of whimsical fun to your jewelry wardrobe.  There are..

$20.48 US

Butterfly Fairy Earrings

These beautiful, mystical and magical fairy earrings will bring a playful and positive energy to you..

$11.01 US

Butterfly Fairy Necklace

This necklace features a beautiful butterfly fairy with enameled wings in purple and blue tones, and..

$19.69 US

Celestial Fairy Pendant

A beautiful celestial pendant featuring a crescent moon and flying fairy.  The fairy dangles fr..

$18.90 US

Celtic Fairy Drop Earrings

Celtic fairy drop earrings – Polished pewter fairies with openwork wings on surgical steel hooks.A f..

$26.00 US

Celtic Fairy Pendant, sm

Celtic fairy pendant small – polished pewter fairy with openwork wings on an 18″ rhodium-plated bras..

$26.79 US

Celtic Fairy Ring

Fairies are remnants of a Mythical race who first settled Ireland- the Tuatha De Danann or “the Peop..

$43.36 US

Constance Fairy Pendant

The winged sprite Constance is suspended in flight by a necklace loop in this fairyland pendant. Cas..

$15.74 US

Dandelion Fairy Pendant

A beautiful fairy in flight, the Dandelion Fairy pendant would be a bright and cheerful addition to ..

$14.95 US

Daphne Fairy Pendant

This sweet little fairy pendant would be a wonderful gift for any fairy lover you know, or the fairy..

$18.90 US

Dream Locket - Fairy & Dragon

A reversible 2-in-1 locket, to hold your dreamsThese beautiful new lockets are fully reversible, so ..

$29.16 US