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Banner: Sri Yantra, Dalai Lama

A vibrant purple background showcase the vivid colors of this Sri Yantra banner. Made of 100% cotto..


Chakra Meditation Banner, Black

This cotton banner features the symbols for the 7 main chakra energy centers within the body. ..


Hanging Mini Tapestry, Multi-Faith

A beautiful mini carpet tapestry hanging measuring 2" x 13.5".  The woven hanging carpet featur..


Mini Tapestry Scroll: Tree Of Life

Beautiful woven tapestries that measure 4" x 10".  Each tapestry hangs from an ornate metal t..


Mini Tapestry Scroll, Hand Of Fatima

A beautiful mini hanging carpet tapestry.  Both ends of the hanging have been finished with an ..


Mini Tapestry Scroll: Egyptian

This beautiful mini carpet tapestry depicts Bast, the Egyptian cat Goddess. Both ends of the carpet ..


Peace & Lotus Banner

Meditation Banners are beautiful and silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit ..


Wolf Prayer Banner

Our Wolf Spirit Prayer Banner has been printed with the following prayer: Spirit of instinct and int..


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