Spiritual Jewellery

Spiritual Jewellery

Jewelry is a meaningful way to express yourself through symbolism.  It can mark special moments in our lives and will forever hold precious memories each time we wear it.  Jewelry can act as your sacred talismans for protection, health, happiness, love, and so much more.  We carry pieces that not only look beautiful, but also have a deeper spiritual meaning.  We hope you'll find jewelry within our offerings that will carry you through this sacred journey of life. 

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Angel Wing Pendant, Pewter

A fully 3 dimensional angel wing pendant.  A universal image that reminds us that our guardia..

$12.34 US

Gilded Angel Wing Pendant

A fully 3 dimensional angel wing pendant.  A universal image that reminds us that our guardian ..

$12.34 US

Heart Angel Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful solid sterling silver pendant.  Angels are always there for us, ready and willing to hel..

$21.62 US

Om Ring, Sterling

A stunning large OM symbol set in sterling.  A wonderful ring we're sure you'll cherish!  ..

$23.17 US

Peace Sign Ring, Sterling

A large Peace symbol ring set in sterling.  Stunning in sterling silver.  A slightly raise..

$15.43 US

Angel Of Abundance Pendant, Jade

The angel stands with one wing raised and one lowered, bringing down the energy, blessing and harmon..

$48.70 US

Battersea Shield Pendant, Garnet

A unique shield design pendant out of the ancient tradition presented here in sterling silver with a..

$47.93 US

Celtic Cross with Lapis Lazuli, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver Celtic Cross pendant, traditional Celtic knotwork, presented here with a..

$46.38 US

Cernunnos Stag Pendant, Sterling

This genuine .925 sterling silver pendant has been masterfully crafted to represent the Celtic deity..

$27.04 US

Dragon Claw Evil Eye Pendant

Evil Eye beads can bring peace of mind, ward off evil, expel bad luck and bring good fortune to its ..

$7.35 US

Dragonfly Gem Earrings

Earrings for hope (Optimism)Planetary Influence: Moon, MercuryChakras: 5th and 7thMoonstone enhances..

$28.59 US

Dreamcatcher Beaded Necklace

Dream catchers are desired for filtering negative vibes and only allowing positive thoughts to ent..

$6.92 US

Dreamcatcher Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver ring in a Dreamcatcher design. 3/4" wide. Size 7, but adjustable to an 8..

$18.53 US

Elder Futhark Rune Charms, Sterling Silver

These beautiful charms are dainty and perfect for those who prefer to wear smaller jewelry pieces. T..

$12.76 US

Elemental Pentacle Dome Pendant

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  This beautiful pentacle pendant encompasses all symbols of..

$10.79 US

Eternity Knot Celtic Pendant, Sterling

This Celtic knot pendant is cast in sterling silver and measures approximately 1". Jewellery cording..

$19.30 US

Eye Of Horus Pendant, Sterling

The EYE OF HORUS:  an Egyptian mathematical symbol designed to remind us that what we experienc..

$10.79 US

Flying Owl Pendant, Sterling

The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you..

$25.49 US

Gemstone Angel Pendants

These sweet little carved gemstone and crystal Angels are wrapped with silver-tone wire so you can w..

$10.02 US

Guardian Angel Lapis Pendant, Sterling

The figure represents the individual angel looking over and guarding each of our spirits in our sojo..

$48.70 US

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