Spiritual (Other)

Spiritual (Other)

An assortment of sacred symbol jewellery inspired by world religion and spirituality. We support all paths to the Divine at Dragon Moon, and we hope you'll find a piece of jewellery that speaks to you. If you're looking for something specific and you can't find it here, please let us know and we'll do our best to source it for you.

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Celtic Triquetra Awen Pendant, Sterling

Awen is considered a symbol of inspiration and divine illumination for poets, writers, artists and c..

$55.64 US

Celtic Turtle Earrings, Sterling

With its impenetrable shell fortified by Celtic knotwork, these turtles are strong, patient, and tho..

$46.77 US

Celtic Wisdom Necklace Collection

Celtic images with powerful messages of Celtic wisdom inscribed on the back. Includes 19" leather co..

$11.26 US

Celtic Yin Yang Charm Pendant, Sterling

Adorned with Celtic Trinity knots, this handcrafted sterling silver Yin Yang pendant is a modern fus..

$15.29 US

Chalice Well Pendant

Chalice Well Necklace. So beautiful! Modelled after the chalice well cover in Glastonbury, UK. The C..

$12.87 US

Circled Om Pendant, Sterling

This Circled OM has been masterfully crafted into a genuine .925 sterling silver pendant. The Om sym..

$15.29 US

Classic Cross Pendant, Sterling

A symbol of hope and strength for our Christian friends. At Dragon Moon, we honor and respect all fa..

$13.68 US

Compass Of Fortunes Talisman

The Compass of Fortunes is a Magical Amulet designed to help maintain the direction in one’s life. T..

$17.35 US

Double Angel Wing Charm, Sterling

A beautiful little charm, ready for your charm bracelet, charm holder pendant, or as a very small da..

$7.22 US

Dreamcatcher Beaded Necklace

Dream catchers are desired for filtering negative vibes and only allowing positive thoughts to ent..

$7.22 US

Dreamcatcher Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver ring in a Dreamcatcher design. 3/4" wide. Size 7, but adjustable to an 8..

$19.33 US

Earth Earrings

Simple pair of dangle earrings with lever-back closure in antique silver gunmetal tone featuring ima..

$34.66 US

Earth Earrings, Studs

Small simple pair of silver tone stud earrings set with an image of the Earth.Rhodium plated brass, ..

$31.43 US

Earth Pendant & Chain

Simple and petite, this antique silver space pendant features an image of the Earth. A wonderful way..

$31.43 US

Earth Pendant, Sterling

Celebrate the Earth and all her beauty with this sterling silver pendant. Great detailing in a super..

$37.89 US

Earth Ring, Adjustable

Celebrate the Earth and all her beauty with this adjustable ring. Crafted of rhodium plated brass wi..

$25.42 US

Elder Futhark Rune Charms, Sterling Silver

These beautiful charms are dainty and perfect for those who prefer to wear smaller jewelry pieces. T..

$13.32 US

Fibonacci's Golden Spiral Necklace

Decoded by Fibonacci in the Middle Ages for the future exploitation of Dr. von Rosenstein and our Re..

$37.89 US

Filigree Butterfly Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful, delicate butterfly pendant is crafted of sterling silver and has dainty filigree wor..

$29.01 US

Flower Of Life Pendant, Sterling

This unique Flower Of Life pendant is crafted of sterling silver and is double sided, with an almost..

$37.89 US

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