Hangings & Plaques

Hangings & Plaques

Hangings, plaques and ornaments in a variety of styles and themes.  If you're looking for something in particular, and don't see what you'd like here, please let us know and we can try and source it for you.  Just send us an email to info@dragonmoon.ca

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Crystal Hanging: Multi-Faith

This gorgeous hanging is created of silver metal with multi-colored beads & metal charms repr..

$23.39 US

Spiral Hand Hanging

A beautiful silvertone brass hanging featuring a hand of peace with rainbow colored glass beads that..

$6.55 US

Wall Mount/Alter Piece Black Rose -15%

Wall Mount/Alter Piece Black Rose

The elemental pentacle protects the all powerful panacea of the black rose, set within a circle engr..

$58.52 US $49.74 US

Wooden Om Wall Hanging

Carved wooden Om Symbol in natural finish - 8.5" Wide, 9" High. OM is a mystic syllable, considered..

$21.92 US

Wooden Oval Pentacle Hanging

Carved wooden Oval Pentacle in natural finish - 12" Width, 9.5" Height. This beautiful carved Oval..

$29.24 US

Angel Cat Sun Catcher

A sweet little angel cat holding a magical hanging crystal that will catch the light nicely. Makes a..

$12.81 US

Ariel Faerie Sun Catcher

A sweet little faerie holding a magical crystal. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmade p..

$12.81 US

Awaken Your Magic - Anne Stokes, Wall Plaque -15%

Awaken Your Magic - Anne Stokes, Wall Plaque

With a piece of magical jewelry clasped in her claws, this beautiful bird is swooping down to carry ..

$98.04 US $83.34 US

Celestial Brass Hanging

This beautiful brass hanging features a sun, moon and star with beads and a bell.  Hangs 10" lo..

$6.22 US

Celtic Crystal Hanging

These beautiful crystal hangings are handmade with a gorgeous 30mm Swarovski crystal ball and beads...

$10.21 US

Celtic Tree Wall plaque -15%

Celtic Tree Wall plaque

This gorgeous wall plaque symbolizes the cycle of all living things. The Tree of Life stretches tall..

$51.93 US $44.14 US

Celtic Triskelle Wall Plaque -15%

Celtic Triskelle Wall Plaque

Triple Goddess Triskelle Bronze Finish Small Wall Plaque by Maxine Miller Celtic ArtThe Triskele or ..

$48.27 US $41.03 US

Chakra Crystal Hanging

A beautiful clear multi-faceted crystal sphere hangs from a strand of metal chakra symbols and beaut..

$14.60 US

Cobalt Owl Crystal Hanging

Connect to the magic of the Owl with this beautifully detailed hanging light catcher made with a gor..

$9.48 US

Earth Goddess Sun Catcher

A sweet little lady holding the Earth in her hands. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmad..

$15.37 US

Fairy & Unicorn Hanging - Alchemy Gothic

Add some magic into your private space and transport yourself to a magical kingdom of fairies and un..

$32.90 US

Foxglove Fae Sun Catcher

A sweet little faerie holding a magical crystal. Cast in pewter and made in the USA, this handmade p..

$12.81 US

Ganesh Brass Hanging

Ganesh, The God of Progress, Remover of Obstacles.An elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva a..

$6.55 US

Garden Buddha Wall Hanging Tapestry

Divine Art Tapestry Wall Hanging Collection Garden Buddha Wall Hanging.Designed in mind for the heal..

$46.08 US

Greenman Wall Plaque -15%

Greenman Wall Plaque

Featuring the art of Lisa Parker.The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures aro..

$31.84 US $27.06 US

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