Hangings & Plaques

Hangings & Plaques

Hangings, plaques and ornaments in a variety of styles and themes.  If you're looking for something in particular, and don't see what you'd like here, please let us know and we can try and source it for you.  Just send us an email to info@dragonmoon.ca

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Bamboo Wind Chime, Blessed Be

The magical image of Pentacle has been painted in a creative silver antique fashion and hangs above ..

$25.22 US

Pentacle, Triquetra, Star - Metal Hanging

This fantastic wind chime, hanging approximately 25" long, presents to you three classical symbols ..

$11.37 US

Triple Moon Pentacle Hanging

Triple Moon Pentacle Chime: Black Wrought Iron with Copper Mongolian Caravan Bells.  15"H, 10"W.  Pl..

$7.29 US

Wooden Oval Pentacle Hanging

Carved wooden Oval Pentacle in natural finish - 12" Width, 9.5" Height. This beautiful carved Oval..

$32.55 US

Brass Pentacle & Moon Hanging Chime

This Pentacle and Moon chime is made from polished brass with beautiful purple bead accents. From th..

$15.44 US

Cat & Moon Chime - Alchemy Gothic

The purrfect combination of a black cat sat on a moon will complete your home interior transformatio..

$24.40 US

Celtic Elemental Wolf Plaque

This plaque is the perfect bit of decor for a wolf lover! It features a canine spirit guide, surroun..

$67.83 US

Celtic Triskelle Wall Plaque

Triple Goddess Triskelle Bronze Finish Small Wall Plaque by Maxine Miller Celtic ArtThe Triskele or ..

$62.69 US

Chakra Crystal Hanging

This beautiful crystal hanging will shimmer and shine in the sun. Crafted of Swarovski crystals, rep..

$11.00 US

Chakra Hanging

This handmade hanging has been woven with cotton twine that matches the seven colors of the chakra s..

$20.33 US

Chakra Mobile Hanging

Seven multi-coloured woven circles hang in ascending order on this chakra inspired mobile. Each wove..

$20.33 US

Dragonfly Chime

This lovely Dragonfly chime is made from white metal with an antique silver finish. From this 6-inch..

$19.15 US

Dragonfly Crystal Hanging

These beautiful crystal hangings are handmade with a gorgeous 30mm Swarovski crystal ball and beads...

$11.00 US

Egyptian Ankh Brass Hanging

Hanging from a its own chain, this wind chime displays a smooth brass toned Ankh. Hanging from its p..

$8.11 US

Evil Eye & Hand Of Fatima Hanging, Floral

Evil eye talismans and charms are worn, hung in homes, and kept as travel tokens to ward off negativ..

$15.89 US

Fairy & Unicorn Hanging - Alchemy Gothic

Add some magic into your private space and transport yourself to a magical kingdom of fairies and un..

$36.62 US

Fairy Crystal Hanging

These beautiful crystal hangings are handmade with a gorgeous 30mm Swarovski crystal ball and beads...

$11.00 US

Ganesh Brass Hanging

Ganesh, The God of Progress, Remover of Obstacles.An elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva a..

$7.29 US

Ganesh Chime Hanging

This brass chime hanging depicts Ganesh, The God of Progress, Remover of Obstacles.An elephant-heade..

$8.92 US

Garden Buddha Wall Hanging Tapestry

Divine Art Tapestry Wall Hanging Collection Garden Buddha Wall Hanging.Designed in mind for the heal..

$51.29 US

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