Orgone Crystals

Orgone Crystals

Many people believe that by encasing precious gemstones, metals, and symbols in resin, we can create a focal energy point to help cleanse and purify our sacred space. The pressure from the resin on the items encased inside, is believed to amplify the energies of the gems and metals within. This is believed by crystal healers to help raise the vibration and energy in a room. This art form was inspired by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who in the 1930's was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (chi), which he named Orgone.

NOTE: We do not claim that these artistic versions of Orgone are the same scientific versions as the original Orgonite devices created by Dr Wilhelm Reich. These are inspired by his work. All Orgone items in our shop were crafted by other artists.

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Chakra Orgone Pendant

This beautiful handmade Orgone energy pendant features genuine gemstones inside, embedded into the r..

$12.24 US

Chakra Orgone Wand

These wands have rounded ends and taper to a rounded point. Wands are commonly used for directing en..

$19.15 US

Garnet Orgone Pendulum

This beautiful pendulum features high grade Garnet chip stones suspended in a clear resin 6-sided pe..

$9.17 US

Orgone Chakra Stone Pendulum

This beautiful 6 sided Orgone resin pendulum contains gemstone chips that represent the chakras. Thi..

$10.71 US

Orgone Gem Pendant

Many people believe that by encasing precious gemstones, metals, and symbols in resin, we can create..

$17.62 US

Orgone Gem Wand - Rose Quartz

This gorgeous gemstone infused Orgone Wand fits nicely in your hand to ease the work in spreading an..

$36.04 US

Orgone Merkaba Pendulum: Garnet

This merkabah Garnet Orgone pendulum is a powerful combination of healing energy that will guide you..

$9.94 US

Orgone Pyramid: Rose Quartz

These pyramids combine orgone energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich with Rose Quartz.Wilhelm Reich disc..

$24.53 US

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