Orgone Crystals

Orgone Crystals

Orgone, or Orgonite, is an energy healing device made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. It was discovered in the 1930’s and 40’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (chi), which he named Orgone. In addition to the healing properties of the crystals contained within, this unique scientific combination converts negative energy into positive healing energy, thereby purifying, balancing, and strengthening one’s energetic field. Additionally, Orgonite encourages spiritual and psychological growth. It balances moods, deepens meditation, and strengthens intentions and visualization. It protects against electromagnetic pollution, encourages better sleep and vivid dreams, and helps plants to grow.

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Apatite Orgone Pendulum

A 6-sided Apatite Orgone pendulum. Orgone is obtained by mixing three basic ingredients: metal parti..

$10.40 US

Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant

Beautiful Reiki Energy Charged Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant. Each Hand Crafted Crystal Pendant i..

$11.20 US

Chakra Orgonite Pendulums -15%

Chakra Orgonite Pendulums

These unique Chakra Orgonite Pendulums come in seven chakra colors. The gemstone chips on the chain ..

$12.00 US $10.20 US

Garnet Orgone Pendulum

This beautiful pendulum features high grade Garnet chip stones suspended in a clear resin 6-sided pe..

$9.60 US

Orgone Chakra Stone Pendulum

This beautiful 6 sided Orgone resin pendulum contains gemstone chips that represent the chakras. Thi..

$11.20 US

Orgone Merkaba Pendulum: Garnet

This merkabah Garnet Orgone pendulum is a powerful combination of healing energy that will guide you..

$10.04 US

Orgone Pendant: Amethyst

Amethyst crystals are combined with metal and suspended within a resin matrix to create this orgone ..

$11.20 US

Orgone Pendant: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is combined with metal and suspended within a resin matrix to create this orgone pendan..

$11.20 US

Orgone Pendant: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is combined with metal and suspended within a resin matrix to create this orgone pendant..

$11.20 US

Orgone Pyramid: Amethyst

These pyramids combine orgone energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich with amethyst.Wilhelm Reich discove..

$26.46 US

Orgonite Chakra Pendulum, Choose Your Stone

Pendulums are a dowsing tool used to identify and locate energy centers in the body and also used fo..

$10.40 US

Orgonite Gem Pendant

These crystal shaped pendants are crafted of resin, with gemstones encased inside, along with a meta..

$18.43 US

Orgonite Gem Wands

This gorgeous gemstone infused Orgone Wand fits nicely in your hand to ease the work in spreading a..

$37.70 US

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