Mabon & Harvest

Mabon & Harvest

Mabon - (Autumn Equinox) SEP 22 - 23

The Fall Equinox, is our harvest celebration. As during the Spring Equinox is is a time of balance between dark and light. But now, we are moving from light to darkness, from warmth to cold. We gather the harvest of Summer and prepare for the Winter ahead.

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Ancient Celtic Festivals - L Walker

Children ages 9 - 12 (or anyone of any age) will delight in this charmingly illustrated book that ex..


Blessed Herbal Oil: Ancestors

Feel close to your ancestors and honor them with this beautiful Blessed Herbal oil.  Wonderful ..


Carnelian, Tumbled -15%

Carnelian, Tumbled

Carnelian has a strong connection with the Earth which makes it a good gem to help keep you centered..

$0.78US $0.66US

Dragon's Blood Pillar Candle

A blood red candle with dragon's blood fragrance. 2.5" x 6.5" pillar burns for approximately 80..


Habondia Plaque Wood Finish

Size: 5 1/4"h x 4"w x 7/8"d The Anglo Saxon Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, Habondia is desc..


Mabon - Llewellyn & Diana Rajchel

Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials series explores the old and new ways of celebrating the seasonal rites..


Medieval Dress: Burgundy -50%

Medieval Dress: Burgundy

Look the part at your next Ren Faire or Medieval Festival in this gorgeous gown.  Rayon fabric ..

$97.38US $48.69US

Mini Candle - Brown

These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space ..


Mini Candle - Orange

These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space ..


Pumpkin Pixie Statue -15%

Pumpkin Pixie Statue

This sweet little pumpkin fairy would make a lovely addition to your fairy collection year round, es..

$15.20US $12.92US

Apple Cider Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside!

Fall is in the air! Crisp tart apples mulled with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg make for a warm, invit..


Autumn Cup Fairy Statue -15%

Autumn Cup Fairy Statue

The harvest is finished, and the trees have altered their colors. Now it is time for a sip, or maybe..

$41.27US $35.08US

Autumn Fae Statue -15%

Autumn Fae Statue

In the fall, nature is at one of its most active points. Trees prepare for the cold of winter, crops..

$51.40US $43.69US

Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue -15%

Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue

The Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue reveals a playful side as she awaits the exciting changes that the fall..

$29.58US $25.14US

Black Cat Pillar Candle, 3" x 6"

A large pillar candle made from the purest soy wax available and pure essential clove oil with a cot..


Black Cat Reiki Charged Candle

Use this Reiki Charged Pillar Candle to help empower your spells and rituals to help maintain focus ..


Cedar Wood Rune Set

Made from fragrant natural cedar branches with the bark still on them.  Each rune is burnt ..


Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Lugh's knot seal – pewter seal with Celtic Lugh’s knot design. Gives an embossed image of a Lugh’s k..


Celtic Tree Of Life Journal, Green

This unique journal has the Tree of Life on the cover with twisted trunk surrounded by Celtic design..


Five Pentacle Wooden Box

A beautiful wooden box with five carved pentacles on the hinged lid.  This would be a great box..