Lailokens Awen

Lailokens Awen

100% Natural. 100% Canadian. 
Lailokens Awen is a line of tried and true products to assist you in achieving your goals and desires. In addition to these formulations personally created by Lailoken, many formulations were taken from medieval and renaissance grimoires and from the golden age of the Western Mystery Tradition.

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Altar Winter Solstice Sabbat Candle

Use on the Winter Solstice, and during the year to cleanse your home and to attune to the energies o..

$12.00 US

Altar Candle: Black

Use as the main candle on your altar. Anointed with general magical purpose Anointing Oil. Made on t..

$12.00 US

Autumn Equinox Candle (Mabon)

Use on the Autumn Equinox and throughout the year to attune to the energies of balance, with dark on..

$12.00 US

Beltane Sabbat Candle - Limited Edition

Use on Beltane and throughout the year to attune to the changing of the seasons, and for favours and..

$12.00 US

Intention Candle: Balancing

Light candle to balance your chakras and personal energy. Made on the day and in the hour of the Sun..

$7.99 US

Intention Candle: Meditation

Light candle prior to meditation to calm the conscious mind, and during meditation to achieve an alp..

$7.99 US

Samhain Candle - Limited Edition -10%

Samhain Candle - Limited Edition

Use on Samhain and throughout the year to honour the ancestors, and to bring the energy of the Samha..

$12.00 US $10.80 US

Soy Spell Candle: Inner Beauty

Light to illuminate your inner beauty, and to remove self-defeating thoughts, allowing others to see..

$14.41 US

Soy Spell Candle: Wisdom

Light for wisdom and understanding in situations that you are unsure about, and to remove barriers b..

$14.41 US

Spell Candle: 5th Pentacle Of The Moon

Light prior to going to bed for restful sleep, protection against nightmares, and to gain the answ..

$14.41 US

Spell Candle: Awen: Creativity & Inspiration

Light prior to, and during, any project or situation to become inspired, and to enhance creativity. ..

$14.41 US

Spell Candle: Frankincense & Myrrh

Light to cleanse and purify your environment of negative energies, to honour solar and underworld go..

$14.41 US

Spell Candle: Full Moon

Full Moon Scented Spell CandleLight during your Full Moon rituals, to honour the Moon Goddess, and..

$14.41 US

Spell Candle: Hecate

Light to honour Hecate, during Dark Moon rituals, or for endings, banishings, bindings, and to Prote..

$14.41 US

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