Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows are a wonderful way to keep the proctive and healing properties of herbs with you as you rest.  These pillows are filled with herbal mixtures for each specific need.  

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Dream & Eye Pillow: Healing

This healing eye pillow has been filled with spearmint and fennel to promote healing and help ease p..

$9.16 US

Dream & Eye Pillow: Meditation

Ease yourself into meditation & relaxation with this soothing Eye Pillow, which soothes you with..

$9.16 US

Handmade Herbal Dream Pillow - Peaceful Dreams

This lovely handmade Dream Pillow contains: Eucalyptus, Thyme, Chicory and White Sage.  Th..

$11.91 US

Handmade Herbal Dream Pillow - Wild Herbs

This beautiful handmade pillow is stuffed with herbs found growing wild and free.  Herbs were g..

$10.75 US

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