Pendulums are a dowsing tool used to identify and locate energy centers in the body and also used for basic divination in a yes/no fashion.  A reliable divination tool and a source for magick, meditation and healing.

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Angel Pendulum, Rose Quartz

These lovely carved and polished angel pendulums with faceted points can also be worn as pendants!Ro..

$15.89 US

Blue Goldstone Pendulum

The picture doesn't show the sparkle in this gemstone pendulum, but trust us - they really sparkle!&..

$9.57 US

Opalite Pendulum

A gorgeous gemstone called "Opalite" has a glow and shimmer to it like no other.  Although Opal..

$8.50 US

Quartz Om Pendulum

A faceted quartz crystal attached to a silver chain with the Om symbol on the end.  Simple and beaut..

$11.05 US

Shiva Lingham Pendulum

Pendulums are a dowsing tool used to identify and locate energy centers in the body and also used fo..

$11.79 US

Tangerine Aura Pendulum

Use Tangerine Aura's energies to activate the Sacral Chakra, allowing one to feel more at home in on..

$25.09 US

Tiger Eye Pendulum, Faceted

Gold Tiger Eye is a gemstone in which crocidolite has been replaced by Quartz, while its fibrous str..

$10.31 US

Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit

Invite the magic into your life with this enchanting kit by multi-mediums Amy Zerner and Monte Farbe..

$29.52 US

Amethyst Pendulum, Traditional

This beautiful Amethyst Pendulum is an excellent addition to any diviner’s tool bag.Amethyst is a po..

$11.79 US

Black Agate Pendulum

A stunning new cut design in Black Agate for your divination work.  Black Agate is a protection..

$16.22 US

Black Obsidian Pendulum

Obsidian is quickly cooled volcanic lava. It is a natural glass. In healing circles, it is known as ..

$8.83 US

Bloodstone Pendulum

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope is solid green Jasper dotted with bright red spots of iron oxid..

$9.57 US

Blue Quartz Pendulum

This opaque variety of Blue Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and is believed to owe its colour ..

$9.57 US

Blue Tiger Eye Pendulum

Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye is related to the well known Gold Tiger Eye. During the for..

$9.98 US

Celtic Gemstone Pendulum Collection

Each pendulum in this collection is uniquely beautiful and handcrafted in the USA using fine pewte..

$13.27 US

Chakra Crystal Pendulum

This beautiful handmade pendulum features a sterling silver chain, genuine gemstone chip beads that ..

$15.89 US

Chakra Orgonite Pendulums

These unique Chakra Orgonite Pendulums come in seven chakra colors. The gemstone chips on the chain ..

$11.05 US

Chakra Stone Pendulum

This magnificent Chakra pendulum was designed with sculpted semi-precious stones each representing t..

$13.27 US

Chakra Tube Pendulum

This magnificent Chakra pendulum was designed with a glass tube that holds seven different gemstone ..

$13.27 US

Chambered Vial Pendulum

This unique pendulum has a clear vial chambered. This allows the chambers content to be seen. Just..

$11.05 US

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