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Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft - Deborah Blake

Connect with your witchy self every day using small, easy, and fun practices. This book features qui..

$20.07 US

Angels - Companions in Magick - Silver RavenWolf

In this treasury of practical wisdom, magickal techniques, and fascinating angel lore you'll find o..

$28.06 US

Animal Magick - D. J. Conway

People have requested the aid of animals in their quests for spiritual enlightenment since the days ..

$19.26 US

Animal Spirit Wisdom - Phillip Kansa

A full-colour pocket guide to 45 important spirit animals- Explores 45 different power animals alpha..

$10.04 US

Art of Witch - Fiona Horne

Join Fiona Horne as she instructs you on what it really means to be a witch and how to create real p..

$22.44 US

Book of Blessings and Rituals (hc) - Athena Perrakis

The Book of Blessings and Rituals�is the DIY guide for bringing the sacred into everyday..

$20.87 US

Book of Tree Spells - Cheralyn Darcey

Powerful nature magick is yours when you learn the mystical way of the trees and listen well to thei..

$17.63 US

Book of Women's Altars - Cunningham

Any surface can become an altar. Geddes and Cunningham, with beautiful, inspirational photos and tex..

$23.25 US

Buddha, Christ, Merlin - Christopher Penczak

Many paths to the center.Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism... three different spiritual paths truth. ..

$16.82 US

Casting Sacred Space (tp) NR - Dominguez

The use of casting as a means of establishing sacred space is a common practice in Wiccan and Neopag..

$20.84 US

Celebrate the Earth - Laurie Cabot

Published to coincide with the Pagan holiday Samhain on October 31st, this new title by a renowned a..

$18.47 US

Celtic Tree Rituals - Hidalgo

Celebrate Celtic symbolism, mythology, and magic throughout the Wheel of the Year with this powerful..

$21.67 US

Cerridwen - Kristoffer Hughes

The witch goddess Cerridwen is the focus of devotion and reverence among witches and Pagans around t..

$24.88 US

Charms, Spells, and Formulas - R Malbrough

How would you like to increase the power of your magick? Now you can, with the help of real Louisian..

$14.45 US

Complete Book of Spells - Deborah Lipp

A comprehensive book of Wiccan spells to enrich your life Wicca is an ancient practice rooted in m..

$18.46 US

Cosmopolitan's Love Potions

Give your love life a spiritual boost with Cosmo's potent introduction to potion-making. Modern magi..

$14.05 US

Dare to be a Green Witch - Ehris - Jancz-Urban Urban

Discover the joys of embracing a more earth-friendly, natural lifestyle with this extraordinary guid..

$22.48 US

Death Rights and Rites - Oberon & Fenley Zell

Death Rights & Rites presents practical information for approaching death and dying with a sense of ..

$22.48 US

Dragon Magick - Conway

Discover how to work magic with the mighty dragon clans in this powerful book from bestselling autho..

$19.26 US

Earth Divination, Earth Magic (tp) NR - John Michael Greer

Here is a complete guide to the lost art of geomancy - one of the major divination systems that are ..

$23.25 US

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