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Books on Wicca, Paganism and Earth Based Faith.

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A Natural History of Magick - Poppy David

This enchantingly illustrated natural history of magick, compiled in the 1920s by the globetrot..

$29.94 US

Altar Within - Juliet Diaz

In her third and most important work, Juliet Diaz, the bestselling author of Witchery, offers an a..

$26.86 US

Animal Magick - D. J. Conway

People have requested the aid of animals in their quests for spiritual enlightenment since the days ..

$18.42 US

Animal Spirit Wisdom - Phillip Kansa

A full-colour pocket guide to 45 important spirit animals- Explores 45 different power animals alpha..

$9.60 US

Applied Magic - D Fortune

A selection of Dion Fortune's writings on the practical applications of magical and esoteric techniq..

$16.85 US

Book of Women's Altars - Cunningham

Any surface can become an altar. Geddes and Cunningham, with beautiful, inspirational photos and tex..

$22.22 US

Brigid's Light - Cairelle Crow

Stories, spells, rituals, and recipes celebrating the worldwide influence of this beloved Celtic g..

$21.46 US

Buddha, Christ, Merlin - Christopher Penczak

Many paths to the center.Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism... three different spiritual paths truth. ..

$16.08 US

Celtic Tree Rituals - Hidalgo

Celebrate Celtic symbolism, mythology, and magic throughout the Wheel of the Year with this powerful..

$20.72 US

Craft of the Wild Witch - Poppy Palin

Wild Witchcraft is a magical, free-spirited philosophy that embraces nature. A Wild Witch finds magi..

$26.86 US

Daily Spell Journal

Create your own spell book with this full year of enchantments one for every day with space to add d..

$17.62 US

Dare to be a Green Witch - Ehris - Jancz-Urban Urban

Discover the joys of embracing a more earth-friendly, natural lifestyle with this extraordinary guid..

$21.49 US

Dragon Magick - Conway

Discover how to work magic with the mighty dragon clans in this powerful book from bestselling autho..

$18.42 US

Drawing Down the Moon - M Adler

Now fully revised-the classic study of Neo-Paganism Almost thirty years since its original public..

$23.03 US

Earth Magic - Book - Steven Farmer

In Earth Magic, Steven Farmer offers a unique synthesis of ancient spiritual practices and philosoph..

$17.65 US

Earth Medicine - J Sams

The true spirit of Native American ways of knowing shines through in these heartfelt meditations, po..

$15.35 US

Earth Path NR - Starhawk

America's most renowned witch and eco?feminist offers a sequel to her bestselling classic The Spiral..

$16.88 US

Earth Power - S Cunningham

When you draw a heart in the sand, call on the four winds for assistance, or ask the rain to wash aw..

$16.11 US

Empty Cauldrons - Terence P - NightMare Ward

A Pagan Guide to Coping with Depression Whether is it impacting you or a loved one, depression can b..

$19.18 US

Everyday Witch A to Z - D Blake

Break out your broomstick, and add a spark of magick to every day! Do stuffy academic tomes on Witch..

$16.08 US

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