Loose Herbs

Loose Herbs

Loose herbs and florals for your magickal workings. 

*We do not sell herbs for medicinal purposes.  For use in dream pillows, incense blends, and other non-edible applications.

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Agrimony, 1 oz

Agrimony also known as cocklebur and liverwart, originated in Europe. Believed to be the "universal ..

$2.73 US

Alfalfa, 1 oz

Alfalfa is traditionally used as an herb of prosperity and money gathering and as proof against hung..

$2.73 US

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz

Arnica flower whole also known as Heterotheca inuloides, native to Mexico. The flowers have been use..

$2.10 US

Blessed Thistle, 1oz

Blessed Thistle or known as Centaure Benedicta, Holy Thistle, or St. Benedict's Thistle. Native to t..

$2.73 US

Burdock, 1 oz

Burdock Root known also as Arctium Lappa and originated in Europe. Burdock Root was held in high reg..

$2.73 US

Cat's Claw Bark, 1oz

This herbal treatment, known in Latin as Uncaria Tomentosa, is named after the hook-like horns that ..

$3.57 US

Cinnamon Powder, 1oz

Cinnamon or what is known as Cinnamomum Cassia originating in Indonesia. Created from the dried inne..

$2.94 US

Cloves, 1 oz

All around the world, cloves are often used as an important material for incense, and in some Europe..

$4.16 US

Damiana Leaf, 1 oz

Damiana leaf or known as Turnera Diffusa, Mexican Damiana, Herba de la Pastora or Old Woman's Broom ..

$3.78 US

Eucalyptus Leaf, 1oz

Eucalyptus also known as Eucalyptus Globulus, Blue Gum or Australian Fever Tree, originating in Indi..

$2.94 US

Ginger Root, Cut

Ginger root is often used in spell work designed to attract something to the user; be it Love, Money..

$2.73 US

Horehound, 1 oz

Horehound or Marrubium Vulgare also known as White Horehound, originating in Europe. Used for Centur..

$2.94 US

Jasmine Flowers, 2 oz

Jasmine has a long history in love, attraction, money and prosperity potions and spellworks. Add to..

$8.81 US

Lemon Balm (Melissa) 1 oz

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinals also known as Sweet Melissa, originating in Europe. This herb was d..

$3.78 US

Lemon Verbena, 1 oz

Lemon Verbena is an herb of purification and love. Added to love potions, worn as a perfume or carr..

$3.78 US

Licorice Root, 1oz

Licorice root or Glysyrrhiza Glabra and also known as Sweet Root. Popular herb in the culinary field..

$2.94 US

Nettle Leaf, 1 oz

Nettle leaf also known as Urtica Dioica or Stinging Nettle, originating in Easter Europe. Nettle is ..

$2.73 US

Orange Peel, 1 oz

Reportedly able to aid in digestion, preventing indigestion, and lowering cholesterol Orange Peel is..

$2.73 US

Raspberry Leaf, 1 oz

Raspberry Leaf also known as Rubus Idaeus originating in Europe. Used in the culinary field in food ..

$2.73 US

Rose Hips, Whole

Rose Hips whole also known as Rosa Canina originating in Chile. The fruit of the rose bush also call..

$2.94 US

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