Loose Herbs

Loose Herbs

Loose herbs and florals for your magickal workings. 

*We do not sell herbs for medicinal purposes.  For use in dream pillows, incense blends, and other non-edible applications.

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Anise Star, Whole

Anise Stars are unique little pretties, but don’t under estimate their magickal powers. This powerf..

$4.04 US

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz -20%

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz

Also known as Leapards Bane or Arnica Montana, this plant which somewhat resembles a sunflower, and ..

$1.84 US $1.47 US

Black Cat Bone (Root)

This magically treated root, known as a Black Cat Bone, is a powerful addition to spellwork involvin..

$5.10 US

Calendula Flowers, 1oz

Calendula is an herb of prophetic dreams, psychic powers and protection. Garlands of Calendula (Mari..

$2.57 US

Cinnamon, 2 oz

Known and used for thousands of years, the very name of Cinnamon has roots that date back as far as ..

$2.20 US

Cloves, Whole

All around the world, cloves are often used as an important material for incense, and in some Europe..

$5.10 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Attract Love

Attract Love spell mix is intended to bring love into your life, or help the one that you desire fal..

$2.57 US

Hibiscus Flower, 1oz

A beautifully scented floral (petals) Uses include an aphrodisiac; soothes nerves; antispasmodic; it..

$2.57 US

Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine has a long history in love, attraction, money and prosperity potions and spellworks. Add to..

$6.98 US

Jericho Flower

These flowers are of great use in love spells where you are seeking to bring to life love that has d..

$4.37 US

Lavender Flowers, 1oz

Lavender flowers, or Lavandula angustifolia, are famed throughout the world, not only for their bea..

$3.30 US

Parsley Leaf, Cut

Parsley, or Petroselinum Sativum, is one of those common kitchen herbs that we find garnishing our ..

$2.17 US

Patchouli Leaf, Cut

Patchouli is an herb of love, lust, fertility, money and prosperity. Its earthy rich aroma invokes ..

$4.04 US

Red Rose Buds & Petals

Used by man throughout history, Red Rose Buds have seen numerous mentions in the texts of the ancien..

$2.57 US

Yarrow Flower

Yarrow Flower has a long history of use, dating back into antiquity. as such, it has acquired many n..

$2.57 US

Bittersweet Herb, 1oz

Bittersweet Herb can be used in mojo bags, dream pillows, as offerings, incense blends, etc...Use wh..

$1.43 US

Buckthorn Bark, Loose Herb - 2oz

Buckthorn Bark can be used in magick for protection, wishing, exorcism, legal matters.  Use in ..

$2.90 US

Chickweed, Loose Herb - 1oz

Use Chickweed loose herb in your spellcraft for love, fidelity, illusions, and invisibility.  U..

$1.43 US

Cotton Herb Tea Bag

End escaping tea problems with these ecological, reusable cloth tea bags! These also make excellen..

$0.55 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Purification

This blend of herbs from AzureGreen is specifically intended to lend power to your spells and ritual..

$2.57 US

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