Loose Herbs

Loose Herbs

Loose herbs and florals for your magickal workings. 

*We do not sell herbs for medicinal purposes.  For use in dream pillows, incense blends, and other non-edible applications.

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Anise Star, 1 oz

Anise Stars are unique little pretties, but don’t under estimate their magickal powers. This powerf..

$3.62 US

Arnica, Whole Flowers, 1 oz

Arnica flower whole also known as Heterotheca inuloides, native to Mexico. The flowers have been use..

$2.01 US

Bay Leaves, 1 oz

Bay leaves are the laurels of myth and legend worn by Roman and Greek victors, and are said to be us..

$2.61 US

Burdock, 1 oz

Burdock Root known also as Arctium Lappa and originated in Europe. Burdock Root was held in high reg..

$2.61 US

Cat's Claw Bark, 1oz

This herbal treatment, known in Latin as Uncaria Tomentosa, is named after the hook-like horns that ..

$3.42 US

Catnip, 1 oz

Catnip also known as Nepeta Cataria or Catmint originally from the United States. Catnip is a natura..

$3.98 US

Chamomile Flowers, 1 oz

Chamomile has many magickal uses which include drawing money, prosperity, purification, calming a..

$3.62 US

Cinnamon Powder, 1oz

Cinnamon or what is known as Cinnamomum Cassia originating in Indonesia. Created from the dried inne..

$2.81 US

Ginger Root, Cut

Ginger root is often used in spell work designed to attract something to the user; be it Love, Money..

$2.61 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Attract Love

Attract Love spell mix is intended to bring love into your life, or help the one that you desire fal..

$2.81 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Wishing

Blended of carefully chosen herbs chosen for their ability to empower your Wish magick, this spell ..

$2.81 US

Lemon Balm (Melissa) 1 oz

Lemon Balm or Melissa Officinals also known as Sweet Melissa, originating in Europe. This herb was d..

$3.17 US

Lemon Verbena, 1 oz

Lemon Verbena is an herb of purification and love. Added to love potions, worn as a perfume or carr..

$3.17 US

Mugwort, Cut

Mugwort is a rotective herb that is believed to dispel fatigue and protect a traveler from evil spir..

$2.81 US

Passion Flower, 1 oz

Having been quite popular in Victorian Times, Passion Flower is now cultivated widely in gardens for..

$2.81 US

Pennyroyal, 1 oz

Pennyroyal also known as Menth Pulegium, Mosquito Plant, Pudding Grass, or Squaw Mint. Used in Ancie..

$2.81 US

Pink Rose Petals

Rose petals have been used throughout the history of man, both in decoration and in spiritual ritual..

$3.98 US

Scullcap, 1 oz

Scullcap also known as Scutellaria Laterifolia and Blue Skullcap. Named because it was resembling th..

$4.78 US

Sea Salt, Fine - 2oz

Natural salts are a must for any altar during ritual and spell work plus they have endless uses. ..

$1.57 US

Spearmint, Cut

Known and revered for centuries, Spearmint (or Mentha spicata) is native to Europe and Southeast Asi..

$2.61 US

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