Wands for decor and practical use, we carry a variety of unique designs. Please also see our Crystals section if you're looking for crystal and gemstone wands.

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Crystal Elf Wand

This sweet little wand has been hand painted to resemble a woodland elf with her long blond hair bra..

$10.51 US

Green Dragon Magic Wand

A sweet little metallic green and gold dragon is perched atop an old gnarled wood wand. The piece is..

$11.33 US

Magic Wand Stand

A great holder for your collection of magic wands (sold in our wand section). We recommend this stan..

$15.83 US

Oak Wood Wand

Held sacred by the Greeks, Norse, Druids, and the Native Americans, the oak tree was generally belie..

$38.93 US

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