Wands for decor and practical use, we carry a variety of unique designs. Please also see our Crystals section if you're looking for crystal and gemstone wands.

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Crystal Elf Wand

This sweet little wand has been hand painted to resemble a woodland elf with her long blond hair bra..

$12.06 US

Green Dragon Magic Wand

A sweet little metallic green and gold dragon is perched atop an old gnarled wood wand. The piece is..

$12.87 US

Green Man Wand

Add a touch of magic to your fantasy collectibles, or use as a working wand on your altar.  Thi..

$12.06 US

Greenman Gnarled Branch Wand

This beautiful wand was crafted to resemble a gnarled, twisted old tree branch, with a Greenman ener..

$17.35 US

Greenman Magic Wand

This magical wand features a Greenman theme, cast in resin and hand painted with much detail. This w..

$12.06 US

Magic Mystical Witches & Wizards Wand

9 1/2" Magic Mystical Witches and Wizards Wand. The magic of wizardry is still very much alive!-Appr..

$12.87 US

Magic Wizard Wand

This whimsical wand features a meditating wizard with purple hat and long flowing beard. Cast in res..

$12.06 US

Majestic Owl Wand

This beautiful owl wand was cast in resin and handmade. It acts as a functioning decorative piece th..

$12.87 US

Pentacle Wand, Wooden Look

Add a touch of magic to your fantasy collectibles, or use as a working wand on your altar.  Thi..

$12.51 US

Spiral Goddess Wand

With its exuberant rainbow colours and spiral Goddess theme, this wand embodies creative energy. The..

$18.96 US

Twisted Branch Pentacle Wand

Resembling a twisted branch from a mythical forest, this wand is detailed and crafted of cold-cast r..

$12.87 US

Unicorn Horn Wand

Powerful magic resides within a unicorn and especially within their horns. Let your charms and spe..

$12.87 US

Witch Broom Wand

Imbue your magic spells with this fantasy wand depicting a besom broom.Hand painted cold cast resin,..

$19.33 US

Wood Magic Wand

These wooden magic wands have been carved for use within your spellcraft, with no two being exactly ..

$10.45 US

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