Sun, moon, stars, planets, comets, & zodiac jewellery.
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Celtic Moon Earrings, Sterling

Show your love for the moon and Celtic art with these beautiful sterling silver earrings with Celtic..

$25.29 US

Elven Star Earrings, Sterling

The Elven Star Dangle Earrings are the perfect way to honour the traditional symbolism of the hexag..

$17.62 US

Midnight Dragon Amulet

A cute dragon perched atop a smiling crescent moon.   Pendant is crafted of lead free pewt..

$7.64 US

Moon Frog Charm, Silver

An adorable, tiny, dainty little silver charm of a frog sitting on a happy moon.  1/4".  ..

$9.94 US

Moon Phase Pendant, Sterling

A pendant depicting the moon phases, waxing, waning, full and new moons are represented in this piec..

$19.92 US

Pentacle Moon Amulet

A very beautiful piece.  Made of lead free pewter.  Comes on black silk cording.  Mea..

$7.64 US

Tree, Sun & Moon Earrings, White Bronze

The Tree of Life symbolizes the never ending cycle of all living things. With its branches reaching..

$22.99 US

Zodiac Pendant

Astrology Pendants each have the name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main c..

$13.01 US

Amethyst Moon Pentacle, Sterling

A new unique design cast in high shine .925 sterling silver with genuine Amethyst crystals. An inver..

$44.49 US

Amethyst Triple Moon Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful pendant features a grade A quality purple Amethyst that is absolutely brilliant. When..

$46.02 US

Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Necklace

If you find guidance and inspiration from the symbolic angel, the Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Neck..

$56.77 US

Astrologer's Star Talisman

The Astrologer’s star is surrounded by “characters of celestial writing”.  Some say this crypto..

$15.31 US

Avalon Blessings Necklace Collection

Wear the blessings of Avalon. Natural gemstones and powerful inscriptions. These are the perfect t..

$18.39 US

Celestial Chakra Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful celestial chakra pendant features genuine crystals and gems, a sun and moon celestial..

$48.32 US

Celestial Charm Pendant, Amethyst

A cute little moon, star and amethyst crystal. Sterling silver. Approximately 3/4".Chains sold separ..

$13.78 US

Celestial Dragon Amulet

Since ancient times people have respected the forces of nature, seeing divinity in Mother Earth, t..

$7.64 US

Celestial Poison Ring, Sterling

This ring is cast in sterling silver and has a unique feature - it opens! You can store a tiny amo..

$39.11 US

Celestial Repose Amulet

Invoke the quiet peace found in the acceptance of the cycles of nature with this pewter amulet d..

$7.64 US

Celestial Star & Moon Earrings, Amethyst

A unique design, featuring a celestial combination of the moon, pentagram star, and beautiful Amethy..

$34.51 US

Celestial Tree Of Life Earrings, Amethyst

Small Amethyst crystals adorn the sun on these sterling silver Celestial Tree of Life earrings, evok..

$38.34 US

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