Pagan Statuary

Pagan Statuary
Earth based faith is rooted in ancient cultures around the World and based on the belief that we are all part of the web of life.  Here we offer a selection of statuary to help bring ancient Egypt into your sacred space and home.
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Earth Goddess Statue

This elegant little statue appears to be embracing the world in her arms as tiny leaves and vines s..

$13.89 US

Earth Mother Candle Holder

A beauitful depiction of Mother Earth, this statue features the Goddess with upstretched arms that h..

$13.11 US

Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque

The Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque would look great on any wall of your home or office. The mag..

$68.03 US

Goddess Bless Wood Finish

This is a common salutation in the Neo Pagan Community. It is meant to invoke the power, love and pr..

$35.54 US

Goddess Cerridwen Statue

This statue is made of gypsum and measures 3" tall. To the Welsh, Cerridwen (pronounced ker’rid-wh..

$10.79 US

Greenman Box - Lisa Parker Art

This is a beautiful little hinged box for all your treasures.  It features the fantasy art o..

$12.76 US

Habondia Plaque Wood Finish

Size: 5 1/4"h x 4"w x 7/8"d The Anglo Saxon Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, Habondia is desc..

$21.62 US

Merry Meet Wood Finish

Size: 8"h x 5 7/8"w x 5/8"d This is a cheerful common greeting in the Neo-Pagan Community. It ma..

$35.54 US

Owl Goddess Statue

The Goddess Athena sits with her sacred messenger of wisdom, the owl. Crafted in Canada of gyps..

$11.56 US

Pentacle Plaque, Wood Finish

The Pentacle is a symbol of Earth and Prosperity as seen in the tarot. In its upright position, it r..

$16.21 US

Raven Pentacle Silver Finish

Size: 13"h x 12"w x 1"d The raven swoops silently in the night sky. If you stop breathing and ho..

$81.96 US

Seated Tyr Statue, Wood Finish

Tyr is the God of War, Courage and Law. He's best known for losing his right hand to the Fenerous Wo..

$55.12 US

Shaman Goddess Statue

Shaman Goddess Statue - handmade in Canada of gypsum and hand painted.  This Goddess features t..

$15.43 US

Spring Goddess Statue

The Spring Goddess. Made of polyresin. Hand carved flowers and spirals. Stands 5.5" tall. Perfec..

$12.34 US

T-Shirt: Green Woman -20%

T-Shirt: Green Woman, Medium

A beautiful T-Shirt, 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  ..

$20.10 US $16.08 US

Thor Statue, Wood Finish

Thor, a Norse God, created thunder by striking his great hammer, Mjolnir. He protected the house of ..

$46.37 US

Wise Mother Spirit Bowl

This Wise Mother Spirit is ready to sit upon your altar and hold your small, precious treasures.&nbs..

$12.76 US

Anubis Coffin Decorative Statue

This mysterious ancient Egyptian Anubis Coffin with Mummy Decorative Figurine Statue has the finest ..

$18.53 US

Awaken Your Magic - Anne Stokes, Wall Plaque

With a piece of magical jewelry clasped in her claws, this beautiful bird is swooping down to carry ..

$103.62 US

Bastet Statue

A beautiful depiction of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, in her full cat form, wearing an Ankh neck..

$30.13 US

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