Gemstone Decor & Gifts

Gemstone Decor & Gifts

A selection of gemstone treasures we think will really add to your crystal and gemstone collections and decor.  We're always bringing in new and interesting gemstone trinkets, so please check back often.  


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Chakra Stones Kit

7 Chakra Stone Kit with a Selenite Crystal Wand and Velvet pouch Kit. Energy centers chart inside ex..

$21.99 US

Earth Stone Keychains

Beautiful polished and smoothed stones with silvertone keychain.  Various stone types, please s..

$7.30 US

Little Crystals Kit

Discover how crystals can enrich your life with The Little Crystals Kit - from bestselling author an..

$13.86 US

Magnetic Hematite Pair, Rainbow

A set of 2 stones, approximately 3/4" to 1". Use them on the fridge or magnetic bulletin boards, giv..

$2.04 US

Silver Fleck Bottles

These mesmerizing, water-filled bottles contain flakes of pure Silver.  Silver balances energy ..

$6.49 US

T.V. Rock

Keep the young scientist happy for hours with this stone’s fascinating qualities. Witness the magic ..

$5.67 US

Totem Keychain: Eagle

Great power and balance, dignity with grace, a connection with higher truths, intuition and a creat..

$6.12 US

Agate Slice, Assorted Colors

Beautiful, natural agate slices from Brazil, come in an assortment of natural and dyed colors. The d..

$2.65 US

Agate Wind Chime, Lg

Beautiful garden windchimes made from real agate in Brazil enhance the sounds of nature with their..

$32.59 US

Amethyst Pocket Angels

These pocket angels are crafted of high quality Amethyst, each one carved and polished by hand. They..

$8.93 US

Black Obsidian Arrowhead

Obsidian is quickly cooled volcanic lava. It is a natural glass.  In the popular fantasy book..

$1.02 US

Black Tourmaline Coaster Set (2)

These beautiful polished Black Tourmaline coasters are wonderful to use as shown, but also as chargi..

$42.38 US

Blue Agate Candle Holder

A beautiful blue Agate candle holder. Natural Agate that has been colour enhanced to reveal the gorg..

$25.70 US

Canadian Rockies, Carnelian

These sweet little vials of gemstone chips are all stones found and mined in Canada.  They make..

$2.24 US

Canadian Rockies, Jasper

Some of the best treasures come in small packages. Each small vial holds gemstone chips and is toppe..

$2.24 US

Chakra Mineral Set

This beautiful set of raw minerals correspond to the chakra energy centers in the body. These minera..

$16.28 US

Fill A Bag Of Crystals For $10

Fill a bag of crystals for only $10! This is a great way to start a crystal and mineral collection, ..

$8.16 US

Gemstone Chip Roller Bottle Set

You will love these beautiful roll-on bottles with gemstone chips and applicators. Easy to carry alo..

$39.94 US

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, Natural

Carved from natural Himalayan salt, these unique, mineral rich tealight candle holders are a great a..

$10.57 US

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