Gemstone Decor & Gifts

Gemstone Decor & Gifts

A selection of gemstone treasures we think will really add to your crystal and gemstone collections and decor.  We're always bringing in new and interesting gemstone trinkets, so please check back often.  


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Chakra Gem Set

Each of these beautiful Chakra Gem Sets contain 7 polished gems that correspond with the chakra syst..

$12.02 US

Chakra Stones Kit

7 Chakra Stone Kit with a Selenite Crystal Wand and Velvet pouch Kit. Energy centers chart inside ex..

$24.07 US

Earth Stone Keychains

Beautiful polished and smoothed stones with silvertone keychain.  Various stone types, please s..

$7.19 US

Little Crystals Kit

Discover how crystals can enrich your life with The Little Crystals Kit - from bestselling author an..

$13.66 US

Magnetic Hematite Pair, Rainbow

A set of 2 stones, approximately 20 mm. Use them on the fridge or magnetic bulletin boards, give as ..

$2.01 US

Quartz Angel Figurine

A wonderful figure to use in your prayer, healing, and magical practices, this clear quartz angel i..

$14.87 US

Salems Spell Wellness Witch Stones

Salem's Spell-Wellness Witch Stones for Guidance and Knowledge.Included 6 witch stones, satchel, pen..

$21.66 US

Shiva Lingham Stone

The Shiva Lingham Stone is from the sacred Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India's seven hol..

$3.98 US

T.V. Rock

Keep the young scientist happy for hours with this stone’s fascinating qualities. Witness the magic ..

$5.59 US

Agate Slice - Natural

This is beautiful natural agate from Brazil.  Some have a red or brown tone to them.Agate slabs..

$3.01 US

Amethyst Angel Figurine

This Amethyst gemstone angel was carved and highly polished to create this glittering gift of the ..

$20.05 US

Amethyst Pocket Angels

These pocket angels are crafted of high quality Amethyst, each one carved and polished by hand. They..

$8.44 US

Angelite Platonic Solids

Representing the five basic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and the universe. Each shape with i..

$24.07 US

Black Onyx Spiral Goddess Figurine

This beautifully carved little goddess with spiral symbol is crafted of genuine Black Onyx. Measur..

$8.44 US

Black Tourmaline Plate Set For Cell Phone EMF Protection

Black Tourmaline has been a proven and effective way of helping to block harmful EMF radiation from ..

$20.05 US

Bonsai Gem Tree: Rose Quartz

This gorgeous hand made Bonsai Gem Tree features malleable branches with Rose Quartz leaf clusters. ..

$22.46 US

Canadian Rockies, Jade

Some of the best treasures come in small packages. Each small vial holds gemstone chips and is toppe..

$2.01 US

Chakra Gem Keychain

This unique key chain features a metallic net-like bag that holds small tumbled gemstones in various..

$14.43 US

Chakra Mineral Set

This beautiful set of raw minerals correspond to the chakra energy centers in the body. These minera..

$16.03 US

Chip Stone Candle Holder - Amethyst

Chip stone candle holders are made with stones from Brazil and are perfect for adding a natural touc..

$18.89 US

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