Animal Totems

Animal Totems

An animal totem or spirit animal is a symbolic representation of your animal guide. It can be represented in the form of a totem pole, talisman, emblem, crest, statue, or jewelry. A totem can symbolically represent a whole group of like-minded people, a family lineage, or an individual. If you don't see your animal totem here, please let us know and we can definitely help you out with finding the animal totem jewellery you're needing.

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Black Bear Totem Pendant, Pottery

A beautiful pendant,  hand crafted from pottery. Features the image of a Bear in the forest. Ap..

$16.02 US

Dragonfly Totem Pendant, Pottery

A beautiful pottery pendant for those who love Dragonflies. Approximately 1". ..

$16.02 US

Moon Frog Charm, Silver

An adorable, tiny, dainty little silver charm of a frog sitting on a happy moon.  1/4".  ..

$10.40 US

Wolf Face Dangle Earrings, Sterling

These Wolf face earrings will show your love for these beautiful animals.  Made of high quality..

$27.70 US

Wolf Totem Pendant, Pottery

A beautiful depiction of a wolf howling at the moon. Crafted of pottery. Approximately 1"...

$16.02 US

Amethyst Butterfly Earrings

Handmade earrings featuring butterflies and Amethyst beads. Silver-tone components and hooks. Approx..

$8.79 US

Amethyst Butterfly Tree Pendant

This stunning pendant features a wire wrapped/twisted tree with genuine Amethyst crystal beads as th..

$14.41 US

Amethyst Cat Moon Ring, Sterling

This enchanting, handcrafted, sterling silver crescent moon Cat ring features Celtic Knotwork and ge..

$29.67 US

Amethyst Dragonfly Pendant, Sterling

Celebrate the magic of the Dragonfly with this beautifully crafted sterling silver pendant with Amet..

$26.46 US

Amethyst Owl Pendant, Sterling

The Owl Pendant, handmade in sterling silver and adorned with a gorgeous high quality Amethyst cryst..

$44.12 US

Angel Patron Of Animals Pendant, Sterling

The Angel of the Animal Silver Pendant is the perfect symbol of your love for animals.Meticulously c..

$49.75 US

Baby Turtles Pendant, Sterling

Four little baby sea turtles have hatched on the beach and are making their way to the ocean. A beau..

$23.25 US

Barghest Wolf Pendant by Briar

Based on the fantasy art of Briar. The Barghest Wolf for Otherworldly Knowledge. The Barghest is a..

$16.82 US

Bear Paw Pendant, Sterling

In the kingdom of spirit animals, the bear is emblematic of grounding forces and strength. This anim..

$13.61 US

Bear Totem Medallion

Each of us is born with an animal spirit guide who helps us understand wisdom, truth and find our in..

$16.02 US

Bear Totem Pendant, Sterling

Bears are known for many things - from being cuddly and playful to stoic and strong. In the animal..

$32.08 US

Black Jasper Raven Pendant, Sterling

Let the mystic raven guide your way with this new sterling silver and Black Jasper pendant. An exclu..

$52.15 US

Black Raven Ring

The Raven – a very magical bird who is sacred to many of us who walk a spiritual path.Ravens are oft..

$34.49 US

Blue Topaz Dragonfly Pendant, Sterling

Celebrate the magic of the Dragonfly with this beautifully crafted sterling silver pendant with Blue..

$34.49 US

Butterfly Earrings, Amethyst

Add some beauty to your life and embrace life’s transformations in this stunning sterling silver b..

$37.70 US

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