About Us

Welcome to Canada's largest metaphysical shop! We've been in the spiritual gift industry for over 18 years. Our product line includes items from around the world, sourced from ethical and Eco-conscious companies and artisans. We're a Canadian family owned and operated business. Thank you for helping support small business in Canada.

We strive to provide the best selection and pricing on spiritual items, with reasonable shipping rates, as well as half-price shipping if you spend $90 CAD, or FREE shipping if you spend $160 CAD!

We're the one and only Dragon Moon Gifts, located in windy Southern Alberta, Canada.  We've been lovingly curating fantasy gift-ware, beautiful home décor items, metaphysical and altar supplies, crystals, & jewellery for your collections since 2003.

Our journey began in a small retail space in Langley, BC, and has expanded into offering the world our treasures. We ship hundreds of orders a month to happy customers around the world, and have many wonderful local customers as well.

Every item on our shop is inspected and selected for you with love.
We work in a very positive and upbeat environment, and our customers can feel the good energy when they unwrap their treasures.

Our relationships with our customers is valuable to us, and we look forward to serving you.

Thank you for being here, we appreciate your visit.

Tara, Peter & Dragon Moon Staff


Free & Half-Priced Shipping

Canada/USA: Spend CAD$90 (approx USD$67) and get Half-Priced Shipping.
Spend CAD$160 (approx USD$118) and get FREE SHIPPING.
Canadian Air Stage (Extreme rural areas) - A max discount of CAD$13.00 or CAD$26.00
International:  A max discount of CAD$10.00 or CAD$20.00

While we certainly wish we could offer 100% free shipping on all orders, as a small business that is not feasible. Instead, we do our absolute best to keep our product pricing fair and reasonable. Some companies claim "free shipping" by hiding the cost in the price of their products. We choose to be transparent and 100% honest in our business practices.
P.S.... we always include a little something extra in all orders!

We go above and beyond to inspect and ensure your order is fully intact and packed well before it leaves our hands. If damage to your package occurs en-route to you, there is a process that needs to take place to claim insurance from the carrier for that package.

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A Note For Our Vegan Friends & Customers
While we fully support those who live a vegan lifestyle, we cannot guarantee that all of our items are vegan. While all efforts are made to purchase our inventory from crafters and companies that respect nature and wildlife, we cannot ever state we are a completely vegan shop. The feathers, leather, crystals, herbs, and other components used in the creation of many of our items are collected by the crafters themselves. We strive to only purchase these items from reputable sources, from people who respect the earth and animals.

A Note On The Environment
All of our packing material is recycled and reused. We have done this for over 18 years, and have prevented hundreds of pounds of cardboard, paper, tissue, foam chips and other materials from ending up in landfills. This is one way we have fully committed to helping the environment.

A Note On Where We Source Our Offerings

The crystals, minerals, oils, resins, incenses and herbs we carry are sourced through suppliers who believe in fair trade and ethical mining, growing and foraging practices. The textiles, statuary, home decor items and jewellery we carry are all purchased through responsible companies who practice fair trade and ethical business practices. Every item in our shop was sourced from suppliers who have excellent reputations in the industry, and believe in giving back to Mother Earth and other community organizations in their respective areas. We use many of the products we carry ourselves, and we too want to ensure these items are coming from reliable, honest and trustworthy sources.

A Note About Our Herbs, Sage & Smoke Cleansing Info

Our herbs and herbal teas are purchased through Canadian suppliers, as well as sources in the USA we've trusted for years. At Dragon Moon, we honour and respect all faiths, traditions, and cultures. People of all spiritual backgrounds use herbs for both practical and spiritual purposes. This is why we offer fresh herbs, bundles, teas, and other herbal items in our shop. We believe these items should be available to all at reasonable prices. We strive to purchase these herbals from companies who respect Mother Earth. To the best of our knowledge, all herbals we offer are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested.

Having various herbs for smoke cleansing in our shop provides us the opportunity to educate people about what smudging really is. Please know that smudging is a closed practice belonging to First Nations peoples. We ourselves are not First Nations. We feel it is important and respectful to make the distinction between smudging and smoke cleansing. If you are smoke cleansing your home of negative energies, that is not smudging. Smudging is a sacred ceremony that is taught and passed down by the elders in the First Nations communities. Please, be mindful of using the word "smudge" when you are cleansing your sacred space. They are similar, yes - but not entirely the same thing. If you'd like to know more about traditional Indigenous cultural practices, please contact your local First Nations cultural centre.

A Note For New Entrepreneurs
We've always been uniquely us, and we're proud of that. We strive to offer a diverse selection of wares that are hard to find elsewhere. We're able to offer the beautiful things we do, because we've built excellent trade relationships with suppliers and artisans around the world over the span of 18+ years.  Being a part of the Pagan community, and the retail sphere in general, is about integrity, honesty, trust, uniqueness and originality. As Pagans ourselves, we practice what we preach, and strive to live our personal lives in a way that aligns with our business practices. We are passionate about what we sell and genuinely care about the experience our customers have when shopping with us. We don't offer items we wouldn't enjoy or use ourselves. Our customers are more than sales to us, they are our friends. Our business is more than a job to us, it's our passion. We encourage you to find that same inner-spark, follow your own inner-guidance, and run your shop in your own way. We have mentored new business owners over the years, and the #1 piece of advice we offer is: BE ORIGINAL. Success is rarely achieved by mimicking others. Be uniquely you in business, and you'll go far. We all deserve success and prosperity, but it shouldn't be achieved off the coat-tails of others. That isn't good Karma, nor is it the Pagan/Wiccan way.

So mote it be. )O(  -Tara & Peter

We do have a reseller discount program for established shops, but please be aware that we only approve shops who are uniquely themselves, who bring their own creative and original ideas to the retail market, and who aren't blatantly trying to imitate our shop. We want to see everyone succeed, but in their own unique ways.

For more info, click here: Dragon Moon Reseller Program

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