Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal Tea Blends

Handmade in Canada with fresh, organic herbs, florals and fruits. Only the best, high quality ingredients are used in these blends. Crafted with much love by Robyn of Thesaurus Tea, Montreal.  Each 50 gram bag of tea will provide 15 - 22 cups of healing, centering, balancing tea. With many varieties and themes to choose from, you'll want to try them all. 

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Beltane Herbal Tea -15%

Beltane Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: This tea will dance you around the maypole. Rejoice as flowers and spices raise your..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Crown Chakra Herbal Tea -15%

Crown Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Align with your higher self with this pure white tea, chosen to help you open your c..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Fairytale Herbal Tea -15%

Fairytale Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A floral tisane inspired by ancient tales. Do the Fair Folk mean you blessings or mi..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Harmonic Arts Tea - Immune Boost

A gentle immune strengthening blend that can be helpful with preventative support during the cold an..

$11.13 US

Harmonic Arts Tea - Relaxing Blend

This calming tea can help with nerves, restlessness and sleep, while leaving your mind clear and ale..

$11.48 US

Health Helper Herbal Tea -15%

Health Helper Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Don't let the sweetness of this tisane fool you! The blend of fruits and spices are ..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Heart Chakra Herbal Tea -15%

Heart Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Let this softly floral green tea open your heart, so that your emotions flow unhinde..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Imbolc Herbal Tea -15%

Imbolc Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Awaken the fires of your creativity, with this spicy floral cup.Ingredients: Black t..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Lammas Herbal Tea -15%

Lammas Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Harvest the fruits of your labors with this sunny and bright rooibos.Ingredients: Ro..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Love Potion Herbal Tea -15%

Love Potion Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A cuppa that is meant to be shared, to spark the flames of love between two. Sweet r..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Mabon Herbal Tea -10%

Mabon Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Balance and harvest the energies of the autumnal equinox with this apple and pumpkin..

$11.90 US $10.71 US

Ostara Herbal Tea -15%

Ostara Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: All the energies of the awakening and fertile earth of spring await you in this chee..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Paper Tea Bags, 100 ct

Natural paper tea bags that are chlorine-free paper fibers that will not taint the flavor of brewed ..

$10.36 US

Protection Herbal Tea -15%

Protection Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: May the spices in this blend burn away anything that would do you harm.Ingredients: ..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Root Chakra Herbal Tea -15%

Root Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A cup of comfort, with familiar notes of bergamot toned down by earthy hojicha, to h..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Sacral Chakra (Navel) Herbal Tea -15%

Sacral Chakra (Navel) Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Stirr up the energies of your navel (sacral) chakra with this warm cup of orange and..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Samhain Herbal Tea -15%

Samhain Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Rich Pomegranate and vanilla are complimented by fall notes of lime and sunflower. A..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Solar Plexus Herbal Tea -15%

Solar Plexus Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Stoke the flame of your solar plexus chakra with this spicy blend that will help emp..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Third Eye Chakra Herbal Tea -15%

Third Eye Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Let the soft tones of lavender and anise gently open your third eye, so that you may..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

Throat Chakra Herbal Tea -15%

Throat Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Open the channels of communication with this soothing mix of mint and flowers. Speak..

$11.90 US $10.11 US

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