Imbolc "Candlemas" - Feb 1 - 2

Imbolc is the time of initiation, the time of beginning. We look forward to spring and summer, preparing for the activities done in the warm time of year. We order seeds from catalogs and make vacation plans.  Imbolc is a time for weather magic and divination, as evident in the tradition of "Groundhog Day".

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Beeswax Taper Candle

All natural, unscented beeswax honeycomb coiled candles are non-toxic, non-allergenic and burn 2 to..


Candle Holder: Wheel Of The Year

Gorgeous new glass candle holders with frosted multi-colored patterns.  2.5".  Great for ..


Imbolc (tp) - Carl F Neal -10%

Imbolc - Carl F Neal

Imbolc--also known as Brigid's Day--is a time to start making plans for the future, sowing the field..

$15.99CAD $14.39CAD

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara (hc) - Tonia Bennington Osborn -10%

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, and Ostara (hc) - Tonia Bennington Osborn

Rupert learns more in this second book about making magick, includingthe meaning of symbols, some th..

$29.98CAD $26.98CAD

Sweetgrass Pillar Candle

A seafoam green candle with a sweet grass blend. 2.5" x 6.5" pillar burns for 80 hours.Awakening the..


Tarot Bag: Celtic Pentacle

A beautiful bag to store your Tarot or Oracle cards.  Satin with drawstring.  Each pouch is big e..


Affirmation Candle - Tranquility

A subtle hue of lavender sweetened with the gentle essence of ylang-ylang. 2" x 4" pillar with a 40 ..


Brigid’s Heart Earrings - Sterling

A note from the designer:  "The Goddess Brigid (Brigit, Brighid, Brid, Brìghde, Brìde)&nbs..


Brigid’s Heart Pendant - Pewter - Double Sided

The knotwork heart, inspired by Brigid, ancient of goddess of Ireland, the goddess of strength and..


Brigid’s Heart Pendant - Sterling

Wear a symbol of inspiration, protection, and light, in Sterling Silver. This gorgeous pendant ..


Brigid’s Knot Talisman

Brigid’s Knot is named after the Celtic Triple Goddess Brigid. Her name is spelled in many ways; Bri..


Chakra Votive Candle Set

Artisan candles made from recycled wax. Each votive candle corresponds to a chakra energy center in ..


Chocolate Strawberry Intuitive Candle - Treasure Inside!

16 0z 100% Soy Candle Float away on a bed of rich dark chocolate with swirls of sweet and succ..


Drawing Down The Moon Candle: Full Moon

A blend of jasmine and frankincense in an ivory 2" x 7 " pillar with 50 hour burn timeMagic, imagina..


Drawing Down The Moon Candle: New Moon

A blend of frankincense and myrrh in a dark midnight 2" x 7" pillar that burns for approx. 50 hours...


Dream Locket - Brigid’s Heart

A reversible 2-in-1 locket, to hold your dreamsThese beautiful new lockets are fully reversible, so ..


Female Energies Votive Candle

Feminine, sweet, earthy and mysterious.  These votive candles were crafted to enhance feminine ..


Goddess Bridgid Statue -10%

Goddess Bridgid Statue

Wells, springs, fire and fertility The Celtic Goddess Brigid is beloved as the muse of poet..

$188.95CAD $170.06CAD

Imbolc & Valentine's Day Candle

This beautiful handmade pillar candle was crafted in Montreal using recycled wax, oils and coloring ..


Imbolc Incense Set -20%

Imbolc Incense Set

Use the anointing oil to anoint the altar, candles, your body, and any symbols of the season used in..

$14.95CAD $11.96CAD

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