Chalices are a symbol of abundance, health, joy and celebration.  On the Wiccan altar they represent the Goddess.  Traditionally, wine, mead or fruit juice is served in the chalice.  The chalice is the consort to the athame on the altar, the athame representing the male aspect, or God.  Many people of many faiths have a chalice on their altar, it is not solely a Wiccan practice.  They can also hold sacred gems and things such as prayer beads when not in use for a drinking vessel.  Chalices really add a regal look and feel to a sacred space.

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Double Dragon Sword Goblet

Dragons and Swords go together as each represents the element of Fire.Two dragons intertwine making ..

$35.25 US

Green Dragon Goblet

The Goblet shows 2 dragons intertwined  on the front and back of the Chalice with a Celtic desi..

$29.30 US

Green Man Chalice

A beautiful Green Man themed chalice.  Stainless steel removeable insert.  Celtic knotwork..

$29.30 US

Greenman Goblet

The Greenman represents the male aspect of nature - You'll find him in the trees, the plants, the fo..

$41.15 US

Skull Blade Dragon Goblet

Dragons and Swords have gone together for a long time, both representing the element of Fire.Comes w..

$35.25 US

Small Pentagram Chalice

Featuring a spiral rope styled stem, this chalice is a delicate piece accented by the engraving of a..

$14.63 US

Small Triquetra Chalice

This silver plated chalice features a delicate stem running up to a ..

$15.44 US

Tree of Life chalice

A silver steel chalice with the Tree of Life carved on the cup. 3 1/2"..

$16.26 US

Ancient Egyptian Goblet

Whether you believe in the Egyptian pantheon or just enjoy the aesthetic of the pharaohs, the Ancien..

$41.15 US

Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet

This is a fantastic gothic style wine goblet that would look lovely on your altar.  Crafted of ..

$22.78 US

Copper Dragon Stem Goblet

Legends tell tales of dragons hoarding various treasures. Precious drinks are no exceptions as the d..

$34.02 US

Double Dragon Chalice

Hand painted to look like an ancient golden cup, the Double Dragon Chalice is a magnificent medieval..

$49.67 US

Dragon Claw Chalice

Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drin..

$22.78 US

Dragon Claw Chalice

This unique dragon chalice features an outer resin portion, and a removable stainless steel insert c..

$41.15 US

Dragon Quatrefoil Goblet

Set a striking dinner table with the addition of this gothic dragon chalice. The Dragon Quatrefoil G..

$22.78 US

Dual Dragon Weaponry Goblet

Across multiple lands, the people know you to be a great and powerful dragon warrior. You toast your..

$32.56 US

Green Man Goblet

Toast and thank the spirits of the earth with the Serene Greenman Goblet. Embrace the tradition and ..

$21.15 US

Green Man Tree Chalice

A beautiful Green Man themed chalice.  Stainless steel removable insert.  The main piece i..

$26.04 US

Grey Dragon Stem Goblet

Dragons are powerful and impressive creatures. Imbue your drinks with their majesty by drinking out ..

$34.02 US

King Arthur's Chalice

The tale of King Arthur is one of the most well-known stories to grace mankind. With his legendary s..

$57.45 US

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