Chalices are a symbol of abundance, health, joy and celebration.  On the Wiccan altar they represent the Goddess.  Traditionally, wine, mead or fruit juice is served in the chalice.  The chalice is the consort to the athame on the altar, the athame representing the male aspect, or God.  Many people of many faiths have a chalice on their altar, it is not solely a Wiccan practice.  They can also hold sacred gems and things such as prayer beads when not in use for a drinking vessel.  Chalices really add a regal look and feel to a sacred space.

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Smal Triquetra Chalice -15%

Small Triquetra Chalice

This silver plated chalice features a delicate stem running up to a ..

$13.86US $11.78US

Tree of Life chalice -15%

Tree of Life chalice

A silver steel chalice with the Tree of Life carved on the cup. 3 1/2"..

$12.29US $10.45US

Unicorn Chalice -15%

Unicorn Chalice

A beautiful unicorn chalice.  Stainless steel removeable insert.  Celtic knotwork stem a..

$26.93US $22.89US

Brass Chalice, Set of 2 -15%

Brass Chalice, Set of 2

These brass-handled pewter chalices make for a magical tool that is both sturdy and stylish. They st..

$22.31US $18.96US

Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet -15%

Celtic Dragon Wine Goblet

This is a fantastic gothic style wine goblet that would look lovely on your altar.  Crafted of ..

$20.77US $17.65US

Double Dragon Chalice -15%

Double Dragon Chalice

This ornate chalice is crafted of cold-cast resin and painted to resemble a stone look.  It fea..

$20.00US $17.00US

Dragon Chalice, Blue -15%

Dragon Chalice, Blue

Resin Blue Dragon Chalice, with stainless insert is an excellent vessel for your favorite beverage...

$14.60US $12.41US

Dragon Chalice, Green -15%

Dragon Chalice, Green

Resin Green Dragon Chalice, with stainless insert is an excellent vessel for your favorite beverage..

$14.60US $12.41US

Dragon Chalice, Red -15%

Dragon Chalice, Red

Resin Red Dragon Chalice, with stainless insert is an excellent ves..

$14.60US $12.41US

Dragon Magick Chalice -15%

Dragon Magick Chalice

A beautiful old-world design, crafted in cold-cast resin with stainless steel insert.  This wou..

$20.00US $17.00US

Flower Of Life Chalice -15%

Flower Of Life Chalice

Our 12 oz. food grade stainless steel chalice features the printed image of a beautiful Flower of Li..

$26.93US $22.89US

Glass Pentacle Chalice -15%

Glass Pentacle Chalice

These artisan etched glass chalices are perfect to sit upon any altar, or to hold wine for any other..

$16.91US $14.38US

Triple Moon Chalice -15%

Triple Moon Chalice

A silver-plated chalice, this cup features the triple moon symbol of the goddess engraved on opposin..

$23.08US $19.62US

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