Chalices are a symbol of abundance, health, joy and celebration.  On the Wiccan altar they represent the Goddess.  Traditionally, wine, mead or fruit juice is served in the chalice.  The chalice is the consort to the athame on the altar, the athame representing the male aspect, or God.  Many people of many faiths have a chalice on their altar, it is not solely a Wiccan practice.  They can also hold sacred gems and things such as prayer beads when not in use for a drinking vessel.  Chalices really add a regal look and feel to a sacred space.

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Dragon Goblet, Blue with Sword

This hand painted fantasy goblet features a blue dragon statue accent forming its stem, its wings an..

$25.86 US

Dragon Goblet, Red & Gold

This fantasy goblet features a dragon with its body forming the stem, its head and wings framing the..

$25.86 US

Dragon Quatrefoil Goblet

Set a striking dinner table with the addition of this gothic dragon chalice. The Dragon Quatrefoil G..

$22.62 US

Dual Dragon Weaponry Goblet

Across multiple lands, the people know you to be a great and powerful dragon warrior. You toast your..

$32.33 US

Egyptian Horus Chalice

Measures approximately 6.75\ Tall and 3\" Wide"Made of designer quality composite resin and hand pai..

$22.62 US

Green Man Goblet

Toast and thank the spirits of the earth with the Serene Greenman Goblet. Embrace the tradition and ..

$21.00 US

Green Man Tree Chalice

A beautiful Green Man themed chalice.  Stainless steel removable insert.  The main piece i..

$25.86 US

Grey Dragon Stem Goblet

Dragons are powerful and impressive creatures. Imbue your drinks with their majesty by drinking out ..

$31.16 US

Grey Wolf Goblet

Wolves have always inspired us to do better and work as a pack.This goblet comes with a stainless st..

$22.62 US

Grey Wolf Goblet

Wolves have always inspired us to do better and work as a pack.This goblet comes with a stainless st..

$22.62 US

Isis Temple Goblet

A gorgeous altar chalice you'll want to display for all to see.  Approximate Dimensions: 3 x 3 ..

$22.62 US

King Arthur's Chalice

The tale of King Arthur is one of the most well-known stories to grace mankind. With his legendary s..

$51.75 US

Mermaid Chalice

A beautiful chalice for mermaid lovers. A sea-blue mermaid holds a chalice within her flowing hair. ..

$38.80 US

Onyx Chalice Set Of 6 in Velvet Box

This unique stoneware, exquisitely hand-crafted from single pieces of metamorphic onyx, is from Ba..

$55.80 US

Onyx Stone Chalice

These beautiful Onyx Stone Chalices have been hand crafted and polished, and are safe for drinking. ..

$9.67 US

Pentacle Chalice, Silver Plated 5"

Silver plated Altar Chalice with engraved Pentacle in circle (each side), 5" Height and 2" Wide Cup...

$20.19 US

Raven Pentacle Goblet

Ravens are a bad omen to some, but a symbol of wisdom and craftiness to others. Odin's companions, t..

$22.62 US

Snowy Owl Chalice

A beautiful chalice for Snowy Owl lovers. The chalice contains a removable stainless steel insert, s..

$22.62 US

Spirit Wolf Goblet / Chalice

The Spirit Wolf Goblet is made of cold cast resin and is hand painted to look like polished metal, r..

$22.05 US

Thunderhammer Mug - Mjolnir - Alchemy Gothic

Mjolnir, the Norse god Thor's mighty weapon of utter destruction. A one pint glass mug with handle..

$45.28 US