Pagan & Wiccan

Pagan & Wiccan

Pagan and Wiccan themed jewellery. 

Pentagrams (Pentacles) are 5 pointed stars that represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  This very old magickal symbol has been demonized by mainstream media and Hollywood.  This symbol represents our connection to al living things.  It is also a protection symbol. 

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Alchemy Gothic - Celtic Theurgy Ring

Protective powers of the pentagram under Celtic influence.  A gorgeous lead free pewter ring ma..

$25.96 US

Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac

The outside of each bracelet carries the name of the zodiac sign, the sign symbol, and the symbol fo..

$11.34 US

Celtic Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This is a classic Celtic knot pentacle design we're sure you'll wear often.  The piece measures..

$31.29 US

Copper Tree Pentacle

2/3"h x 2/3"w The Pentacle is a symbol of Earth and Prosperity as seen in the tarot. The pentacle..

$20.28 US

Earth Dragon Pendant

Pentagrams magic and skill clasped secure within Dragons legendary might manifests Protection from B..

$28.40 US

Eye Of Horus Pendant, Moonstone

This beautiful Eye Of Horus pendant is set in sterling silver with a small Rainbow Moonstone.  The p..

$28.40 US

Eye Of Horus Ring, Sterling

The EYE OF HORUS:  an Egyptian mathematical symbol designed to remind us that what we experien..

$43.07 US

Goddess Inspiration Pendant

Beautiful lead free pewter bar shaped pendants on ball chains.  Each pendant features Goddes sy..

$8.09 US

Goddess Of Morning Star - Neck Piece, Sterling

To celebrate the Goddess in us all. This lovely Sterling Silver neck-piece accented with a Quartz Cr..

$40.59 US

Heart Pentacle Necklace

The pentacle is the star that stays steady and on course. The crescents represent wisdom and intuiti..

$69.04 US

Moon Phase Chalice Pendant

An ornate Chalice set in sterling silver with the Moon Phase symbol representing the Goddess.  ..

$27.43 US

Nile Goddess Earrings, White Bronze

Beautiful Goddess earrings.  Elegant and meaningful.  Just Like Silver is a White Bron..

$17.84 US

Pentacle Moon Amulet

A very beautiful piece.  Made of lead free pewter.  Comes on black silk cording.  Mea..

$8.09 US

Pentacle Pendant, Sterling, 3/4"

A very simple and classic pentacle design.  .925 sterling silver.  3/4". Will arrive on cording in a..

$20.28 US

Temple Pentacle Pendant

A beautiful two sided pewter pentacle pendant based on the Temple of Witchcraft books by Christopher..

$11.34 US

Thor's Hammer for Strength & Courage

Viewed as a symbol of consecration and divine regal power by the ancient Nordic people this talisma..

$30.84 US

Triple Moon Goddess Earrings

A stunning portrayal of the Goddess in sterling silver.  1 1/4" long. ..

$16.21 US

Triple Moon Pendant, Amethyst (With Rede)

This amazing pendant features a sterling silver setting, Amethyst stone, the Triple Moon design, and..

$24.34 US

Waxing/Waning Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This is a double sided pentacle pendant featuring a crescent moon that can either be waning, or waxi..

$25.60 US

Wicca Intuition Amulet

The Goddess with her upstreched arms is a classic symbol for Pagans and Wiccans, as well as those wh..

$8.09 US

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