Father's Day June 19

Father's Day June 19

Father's Day is June 19th in 2022. We've selected some unique items we think would make great gifts for Dad.

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Altar Poster: Great Father

Offering reverence to the male half of the divine, the Great Father Spirit poster offers prayer to ..

$1.40 US

Dragon with Baby

How adorable!  This sweet dragon duo depicts a loving parent dragon and his/her little one. Cra..

$22.37 US

Herbal Bundle: Sage & Red Sandalwood

This herbal bundle is a blend of Sage & Red Sandalwood.  Sage is for cleansing and pur..

$9.57 US

Mindful Thoughts for Fathers - Ady Griffiths

Mindful Thoughts for Fathers is a lovingly crafted and beautifully illustrated book of reflections t..

$10.40 US

Morning Star Incense: Sandalwood

SANDALWOODBurned to purify your space of negative energy and lower vibrations, conjure beneficial sp..

$4.60 US

Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle - Sonja Grace

Deepen your connection to spirit and follow your life’s path with the ancient wisdom of this powerfu..

$30.02 US

Prayer Mala, Sandalwood

Carved of sandalwood, this prayer mala is intended to be held in one hand while one speaks a prayer,..

$18.37 US

Seated Odin Statue, Wood-Finish

Odin is known as the All Father, the leader of the Norse Gods. He governs War, Death, Poetry, the Ar..

$59.20 US

Votive: Sandalwood

Sandalwood has long been used for meditation, relaxation and is a wonderful herb/oil/candle to have ..

$2.80 US

Bear Totem Medallion

Each of us is born with an animal spirit guide who helps us understand wisdom, truth and find our in..

$15.97 US

Celtic Elemental Wolf Plaque

This plaque is the perfect bit of decor for a wolf lover! It features a canine spirit guide, surroun..

$66.64 US

Celtic Stag Pendulum, Aventurine

This beautiful pendulum features a silver-pewter Celtic Stag medallion and an 12 sided polished Aven..

$14.81 US

Cernunnos Pendant, Sterling

Cernunnos is the conventional name given in Celtic studies to depictions of the "horned god" of Celt..

$35.98 US

Cernunnos Plaque - Antique Finish

Cernunnos is the horned god of Celtic polytheism (sometimes referred to as Herne the Hunter). The na..

$50.42 US

Cone Incense - Desert Dragon - Sandalwood

Part of the exclusive Anne Stokes incense Age of Dragons range. SANDALWOOD - for mysticism, meditati..

$2.36 US

Dragon Mjolnir Pendant, Sterling

Mjolnir was the supremely powerful weapon used by Thor, mainly to fight giants, and then ultimatel..

$33.58 US

Dragon Stapler, Green

We've brought back the Dragon Stapler, in green! The same classic design we've carried for years, wi..

$23.17 US

Dragon Totem Pendant, Sterling

The Dragon is the symbol of primordial power. It is master of all elements: fire, water, air and ear..

$31.98 US

Eagle Totem Pendant, Sterling

The Eagle spirit animal is an inspiring messenger. With the ability to soar to heights other birds m..

$31.98 US

Eye Glasses Case - Quiet Reflections Wolf

This stunning eyeglass case features the Quiet Reflection Wolf artwork from Lisa Parker. Quiet R..

$11.61 US

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