Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle card decks are similar to Tarot in their use, but are a divination tool all their own.  Each oracle deck varies depending on the author, artist and publisher.  Oracle decks can be purchased in almost every theme imaginable.  We offer a selection of oracle card decks for those looking for a Spiritual card deck that isn't as structured as traditional Tarot, in a wide variety of Spiritual, Fantasy, and Metaphysical themes.  If there is a deck you're seeking, let us know - we can probably acquire it for you.

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Affirmations of the Fairy Cats Deck and Book Set - Brenda June Saydak

Deep in the forest lies a hidden magical world where limitless joys await you. This peaceful healing..

$24.95 US

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle - Cavendish

Welcome to this whimsical, thoroughly delightful oracle filled with the wit and wisdom of Wonderland..

$27.60 US

Ancient Animal Wisdom: Deck & Book Set - Stacy James

Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle set brings the energy and insight of 38 different African animal spirit..

$23.76 US

Angel Guide Oracle - Kyle Gray

From bestselling angel author, this oracle deck reminds spiritual seekers that loving, divine gu..

$19.95 US

Angel Wishes, Inspiration Cards

A beautifully boxed set of 52 affirmation cards, with messages channelled from angels.  Reconne..

$13.78 US

Angelic Lightwork Healing Oracle - Fairchild

Receive divine blessings, sacred guidance, and healing energy from the archangels with this phe..

$30.67 US

Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards - Margaret Ann Lembo

A full-color oracle deck pairing animal allies and gemstones to increase your awareness and bring in..

$15.35 US

Anubis Oracle Set

The Anubis Oracle is a shamanic guide to inner Egypt, where archetypal deities and elemental spirits..

$32.24 US

Archangel Fire Oracle - Alexandra Wenman

A full-color oracle deck and guidebook to engage directly with the Archangels and initiate a power..

$24.18 US

Archangel Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper

This heavenly archangel 44-card deck offers guidance, protection and healing. Answers and divine h..

$19.95 US

Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards - Margaret Ann & Richard Crookes Lembo

Gemstones are powerful tools, which guide you toward personal understanding. The colors and shapes o..

$18.42 US

Ask an Angel Oracle Cards - Mellado

With Ask an Angel Oracle Cards you can meet and commune with a host of safe and welcoming guides for..

$25.29 US

Ask and It Is Given Cards - Hicks

These beautiful cards capture the essence of the life-changing, best-selling book Ask and It Is Give..

$22.25 US

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle - Dark Moon Crystals

A beautiful oracle that will expand your knowledge of crystal healing, astrology, and energetic cent..

$23.76 US

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards - Elisabeth & Klement Jensen

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards give you the power to see and change your future. These 44 cards an..

$24.53 US

Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing Oracle Deck - Alison DeNicola

Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing is a vibrant 44-card deck and book set presenting good luck ..

$25.72 US

Awakened Dreamer Oracle Cards - Kelly Sullivan Walden

Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden brings you 55 rousing messages to support, nudge, and inspi..

$23.76 US

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle - Paolo & Paul Barbieri

The magnificent essence of the unicorn soars into your inner spirit with the Barbieri Unicorns Oracl..

$21.46 US

Beautiful Creatures Tarot, 2nd Edition

In this revised and updated version of Beautiful Creatures Tarot, visit a mystical and exotic world ..

$36.07 US

Bohemian Animal Tarot

With beautiful illustrations by a renowned artist, this book and card boxed set, presented in a magn..

$32.97 US

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