Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle card decks are similar to Tarot in their use, but are a divination tool all their own.  Each oracle deck varies depending on the author, artist and publisher.  Oracle decks can be purchased in almost every theme imaginable.  We offer a selection of oracle card decks for those looking for a Spiritual card deck that isn't as structured as traditional Tarot, in a wide variety of Spiritual, Fantasy, and Metaphysical themes.  If there is a deck you're seeking, let us know - we can probably acquire it for you.

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Carry Me Crystals - Chakra Clearing & Oracle Card Deck

Gems are precious and each one can assist you on a spectacular journey to enlightenment. But what if..

$26.21 US

Cat Gurus Cards - Mister Peebles

Be guided and inspired by the world's favourite felines with this fabulous set of advice cards.Money..

$16.85 US

Celtic Astrology Oracle - Lunaea - Castelli Weatherstone

The breathtaking Celtic Astrology Oracle blends imagery from Celtic spiritual lore with powerful dec..

$20.93 US

Celtic Goddess Oracle Deck - Gillian Kemp

The Celtic goddesses and druids were legendary beings. Now these heavenly spirits have personal rela..

$23.96 US

Celtic Spirit Oracle - Nicola McIntosh

The Celtic Spirit Oracle channels the ancient wisdom of the Elemental beings to help aid your spirit..

$26.18 US

Celtic Tree Oracle - Sharlyn Hidalgo

Tune in to the trees and access their age-old loving guidance. Based on ancient Celtic wisdom, this ..

$24.68 US

Chakra Cards for Belief Change - Nikki Gresham-Record

A transformative card deck and guidebook for creating positive change using high-vibration chakra im..

$18.72 US

Chakra Energy Deck - Olivia Miller

Explore the healing power of awakening your chakras with this informative deck from the bestselling..

$20.93 US

Chakra Love Cards: Raise Your Crystal Vibrations

Your seven chakras are energetic centers of power and wisdom that influence all aspects of your life..

$13.44 US

Chakra Meditation Oracle - Zanellato

Tap into the astonishing powers of the chakras for remarkable insights and guidance on your journey ..

$20.93 US

Clairvoyant Reading Cards - Elaine Marson

A beautiful oracle card set based upon the book You Are Clairvoyant. All 36 oracle cards are beautif..

$26.18 US

Conjure Cards - Jake Richards

A unique divination deck based on the authentic backwoods traditions, folklore, and superstitions of..

$26.18 US

Cosmic Dancer Oracle - Tess & Soulfire Whitehurst

Dance has always been integral to the human experience. Principles of the Cosmic Dance are present i..

$26.93 US

Cosmic Journey Oracle - Yanik Silver

Uncover the mystical messages from the Universe and tap into your own inner wisdom with The Cosmic J..

$22.46 US

Crystal Connections Message Cards - Adam Barralet

Mother Nature communicates to us in many ways, lovingly guiding us through our lives. The messages f..

$29.20 US

Crystal Grid Oracle - Nicola McIntosh

The Crystal Grid Oracle, a tool to aid spiritual growth, will change the way you use and work with c..

$23.93 US

Crystal Oracle (new edition) - Toni Carmine - Savolainen Salerno

Let your heart be lightened and your spirit blessed by the magic, wonder, and wisdom of crystals in ..

$26.93 US

Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

With this unique oracle deck, you can harness the power of crystals for healing, divination, and tra..

$28.09 US

Crystal Spirits Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid offers a vibr..

$33.70 US

Crystal Wisdom Inspiration Cards - Rachelle Charman

Crystal Wisdom is a deck of inspirational mini-cards, capturing the beauty and wisdom of our Earth's..

$13.44 US

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