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Books to compliment your Tarot deck, pendulum, rune set and other divination tools. 

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10 Minute Crystal Ball - Skye Alexander

Say goodbye to expensive psychic readings. 10 Minute Crystal Ball will teach you all the tricks of t..

$18.44 US

Complete Book of Tarot Spreads - E Burger

Tarot is like a puzzle or a work of art--and a great way to maximize intuition and have fun, too. ..

$8.82 US

Crystal Ball Reading for Beginners - Alexandra Chauran

Haven't you always wanted to gaze into a crystal ball and see what the future holds? You can learn t..

$15.46 US

Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls - Ted Andrews

Quartz crystal balls and crystal bowls are popular magical tools. Yet, not everyone understands the ..

$15.46 US

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards (tp) NR - Jonathan Dee

There is a certain romance attached to playing cards: from the riverboat gamblers on the Mississippi..

$16.93 US

Introduction to Tarot - S Levitt

This beautiful, four-color handbook is richly illustrated with every card from the Rider-Waite and C..

$19.55 US

Kitchen Table Tarot - Melissa Cynova

Kitchen Table Tarot is a book about real life tarot reading for real people. With down and dirty adv..

$17.70 US

Little Bit of Palmistry, A: An Introduction to Palm Reading (hc) - Cassandra Eason

In the popular "Little Bit of" series: a fresh, accessible introduction to reading palms . . . and l..

$9.96 US

Little Bit of Pendulums (hc) - Dani Bryant

In the popular "Little Bit of" series: a fresh, accessible introduction to the practice of using pen..

$9.96 US

Little Bit of Runes (hc) - Cassandra Eason

Nordic runes are the most popular and easiest symbols to work with, and can effectively release ener..

$9.96 US

Little Bit of Tarot - Cassandra Eason

Tarot cards can offer nuanced, personal readings even for beginners, helping us face the future, sol..

$8.82 US

Little Book Of Pendulum Magic

Also known as dowsing, pendulum magic is a technique for seeing into the future, whether for informa..

$9.58 US

Llewellyn's Little Book of Psychic Development - Melanie Barnum

Fill your life with abundance and positivity by engaging in your psychic birthright. This little boo..

$11.03 US

Llewellyn's Little Book of Tarot - Barbara Moore

Discover fun and easy ways to use the tarot cards with this handy, full-color guide. Llewellyn's Lit..

$15.49 US

Magic Oracle Book - Cerridwen Greenleaf

Think of a question you wish to divine the answer to and focus intently on that question, flip the p..

$20.62 US

Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot - Skye Alexander

Learn how tarot cards can unlock the secrets of the past, present, and future in the latest book of ..

$16.96 US

Oracle Book (tp) POD NR - Georgia Savas

This mysterious book is a do-it-yourself divination tool. Ask a yes-or-no question, and find your an..

$22.13 US

Pendulum Healing Handbook - W Lubeck

Complete guidebook on how to utilize the pendulum to choose appropriate remedies for healing body, m..

$16.60 US

Pendulum Magic for Beginners - R Webster

Create Pendulum Magic and MiraclesIt's hard to believe something as simple as a weight on a string c..

$15.49 US

Pendulum Power - Nielson

The power of the pendulum has been used since the beginning of time. Those with the knowledge of its..

$8.82 US

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