Shipping Information

Dragon Moon Gifts Shipping Information

We are a small family owned and operated business. As such, we must charge flat-rate shipping. Small businesses can't absorb that cost, and your packages exchange many hands en-route to you. Everyone needs to be paid for their time, so shipping can't be avoided in most cases. Many shops and larger companies offer "free" shipping, but hide the cost in the price of the product. Please keep this in mind. Instead, we choose honesty, integrity, and fair pricing of our wares. We don't gouge our customers for our products. That's how we save you money. We do offer a shipping discount, and even free shipping, depending on the order total. See below. 


Do not return damaged items to us without first contacting us about the damage. Email us to

We go above and beyond to inspect and ensure your order is fully intact and packed well before it leaves our hands. If damage to your package occurs en-route to you, there is a process that needs to take place to claim insurance from the carrier for that package. The claim requires some cooperation from you, the customer. We cannot refund you for the damaged item until the claim is processed, so please understand we will require photos and proof of the damage, and in some cases you will need to be in communication with the carrier yourself. The claim process is necessary to ensure we're all reimbursed for the damage that was not the fault of you, or us. Many thanks for your understanding.

Returns? PLEASE contact us FIRST and let us know! Email:

All return items must be sent back prepaid. If there was no error made on our part and you'd like to return an item simply due to preference, shipping is not refunded. If an error was made on our part, please let us know by email and attach photos of the product issue. Insurance and tracking is not required, but lost packages en-route to us will not be refunded, so please consider insurance and tracking. Please contact us first before sending any items back, and we'll work with you for the best possible outcome.  

** It is important that you provide a working email address so we can write you about your order! **

We ship Worldwide!

Best Rate: Available in Canada/USA - A budget shipping method in which we use any of our carriers including Postal Services, UPS, Purolator, Canpar and DHL.  If you choose this method, make sure your address is ready for both mail and courier delivery.  This method does not always (but usually) include tracking but always includes insurance.  Please allow up to 3 business days for Best Rate orders to ship, although they almost always ship sooner.  Priority is given to rush orders.

How We Ship to Your Destination:

CANADA: Orders are billed based on a small package to your location - There is no additional charge for additional items!  You pay the same shipping on a small order that you would a large order.  Shipping starts at $10-$25 depending on where you are.  Fully Insured.  Tracking guaranteed except on Best Rate orders.  Rush shipping available. 

Free / Half-Priced Shipping:

Canada/USA: Spend CAD$90 (approx USD$71) and get Half-Priced Shipping.  Spend CAD$160 (approx USD$127) and get FREE SHIPPING.

In some rural areas, a max discount of CAD$13.00 or CAD$25.00 will be given

International:  A max discount of CAD$10.00 or CAD$20.00 will be given.

CANADA Un-Insured Puffy Mailer:  For some items, you can request a puffy mailer.  To qualify, the thickness must be under 2 cm (3/4") and less than 500grams.  This works on some stones, jewelry, books, and other items that are flat.  If you request in your order notes that we ship without insurance in a puffy mailer in your order notes we will adjust your order total.  The rates for un-insured mailers in Canada are: 100gram $4.50, 200gram $5.80, 300gram $7.10, 400gram $7.75, 500gram $8.15  - If you choose this method, please also let us know in your order notes what to do if your order is too thick, or too heavy for a mailer.

USA: Flat rate of CAD$20 (approx US$15.50) to all 50 US States.  There is no additional charge for additional items!  Additionally, it is very seldom that any duties and taxes are charged on cross-border shipments.  We accept USD$ as well as CAD$ which you can change by clicking the flag at the top right of the page.  All orders Insured.  Tracking included on all but Best Rate orders (some Best Rate orders will not include tracking).  For US Protectorates, It is still flat rate shipping on Postal Orders, but the rate is based on a small package to your area.  * New:  We now offer Half-Price and Free Shipping on orders of CAD$90 and CAD$160  (USD$72/$127)

INTERNATIONAL: Orders are based on actual size/dimensions once packed.  You'll be presented a shipping deposit of CAD$40 - We'll ship it with an economy air shipping method.  This could be by Canada Post or by Courier depending on your location.  This may or may not have tracking, and a max CAD$100 insurance by default.  If you want any of these add-on options, please specify in your order notes: 
- Ship by Postal Mail (lower customs charges to some countries)
- Ship with Tracking
- Fastest: Ship by Courier/Fastest method for deposit amount paid
- Time Sensitive: Ship to arrive before [Date]
- Additional Insurance Required
- Quote all shipping methods before shipment
- Surface Shipping: Slow - can take 3 months, No loss coverage

* If shipping is within the deposit paid, we'll ship your order and refund the difference.  If it is more we'll let you know your shipping options

If shipping exceeds the deposit, or you have requested a quote, we will email you a customized quote just for you.  We'll adjust your shipping amount (up or down) depending on the shipping method you choose, refunding any overpayments.  Air shipping is usually 2-4 weeks. 
Small orders, like jewellery, will usually result in a partial refund of your shipping deposit.  If you're looking for fast - We still also offer UPS, DHL, Aramex and Canada Post Services. Insurance and Tracking vary by service.

** It is important that you provide a working email address so we can write you about your order! **

If Something Goes Wrong:

Please contact us for any issues with delivery such as a lost package, damage, or delivery delays.  Do not dispose of any packaging if your item is damaged.  It is important you do not glue or try to fix damaged items before the claim is complete.  

If you order is late - you may be able to get a shipping credit (minus a small handling fee) for shipping on select guaranteed services. (Guaranteed services include UPS & Purolator only) - Only services in Canada are guaranteed.

Have a better shipping rate? (Canada Only) If you have access to better shipping rates than we do, send us a pre-paid shipping label for Canada Post, UPS or Purolator.  For your rate quotes use T0K1W0 as an origin postal code.  Email us prior to ordering.