Tree, Nature, Animal Jewellery

Tree, Nature, Animal Jewellery

Beautiful Nature Inspired Jewellery

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Chakra Owl Tree Pendant

This pendant is crafted using genuine gemstone beads to represent the chakras, and if you look caref..

$11.44 US

Chakra Tree Pendant

This beautiful Tree of Life pendant has been designed with seven faux gemstones pertaining to each o..

$10.22 US

Chakra Wrapped Tree Crystal Pendant

These unique Chakra wire wrapped Tree of Life crystal pendants measure 2.5" from the top of the bail..

$10.22 US

Dragonfly Gem Earrings

Earrings for hope (Optimism)Planetary Influence: Moon, MercuryChakras: 5th and 7thMoonstone enhances..

$29.16 US

Labradorite Tree Of Life Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is crafted with Labradorite beads that measure 6mm, and has a Tree Of Life c..

$11.80 US

Raven Magic Earrings

These beautiful, mystical and magical earrings will bring Raven wisdom and energy to your everyday j..

$10.22 US

Raven Magic Pendant

Let the magic and wisdom of the Raven be with you throughout your day with this well made enameled p..

$10.22 US

Tree Of Life Aroma Pendant

This stunning locket style pendant opens to reveal a small felt pad.  Place a few drops of your..

$11.01 US

Tree Of Life Crystal Pendant

These Tree of Life pendants measure approximately 2.5" from the top of the swinging bail to the bott..

$6.27 US

Tree Of Life Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver

These Tree Of Life earrings are a wonderful addition to everyday jewellery. Comfortable to wear, as ..

$17.32 US

Triple Turtle Sphere Pendant, Sterling

This sterling silver pendant features three very cute little turtles clinging to a gemstone sphere.&..

$30.74 US

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