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Viking & Norse Themed Jewellery

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Celtic Dragon Nordic Pendant

The Celtic Dragon Nordic Pendant features a stylish dragon, designed with a subtle Pentacle and is s..

$11.44 US

Celtic Raven & Wolf Nordic Pendant

This Raven & Wolf antiqued silver-finish pewter pendant showcases the two animal figures on each..

$11.80 US

Celtic Thor's Hammer Pendant

Depicting the Thunder God's Hammer Mjolnir, this captivating and well-designed pendant is embellishe..

$18.11 US

Celtic Wolf Moon Nordic Pendant

This attractive Wolf on a Celtic crescent moon has an antique silver finish, and is cast of lead-fre..

$11.80 US

Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer) Jeweled Pendant

A bejeweled version of Thor's Hammer, otherwise known as Mjolnir.  This pendant has a Celtic el..

$11.80 US

Raven Magic Earrings

These beautiful, mystical and magical earrings will bring Raven wisdom and energy to your everyday j..

$10.22 US

Two Celtic Wolves Nordic Pendant

A heart shaped pendant featuring Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki, and a Celtic Triquetra in the center..

$11.80 US

Two Dragons Nordic Pendant

Two Celtic dragons create a protective and magickal amulet, cast in lead-free silver-finished pewter..

$11.80 US

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