Standing Crystals

Standing Crystals

Standing crystal and gem pieces really add to a sacred space or any room. They bring a sense of peace and calm.  They are also fascinating to look at.  These pieces emit a wonderful energy, as they are frequently cleansed with sage in our stock room prior to your purchase.  Each standing piece is totally unique with it's own personality and natural "flaws". 

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Banded Amethyst Polished Standing Points

These gorgeous Banded Amethyst Points are each unique, and so beautiful. We'll select one for you an..


Crazy Lace Agate Specimen

Crazy Lace Agate (also called rodeo agate or rosetta stone) is primarily found in Mexico. It is ofte..


Fluorite Standing Points

These absolutely gorgeous Fluorite standing crystals have just arrived, and we simply cannot choose ..


Tourmalinated Quartz Standing Points

Tourmalinated Quartz has solid snowy white area, and some areas that are more translucent. Black Tou..


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