Standing Crystals

Standing Crystals

Standing crystal and gem pieces really add to a sacred space or any room. They bring a sense of peace and calm.  They are also fascinating to look at.  These pieces emit a wonderful energy, as they are frequently cleansed with sage in our stock room prior to your purchase.  Each standing piece is totally unique with it's own personality and natural "flaws". 

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Selenite Twist Standing Point

These Selenite Twists (or Unicorn Horns, as we like to call them) are simply unique and amazing!&n..

$18.43 US

Black Obsidian Standing Point

Crystal points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point. This would make a love..

$16.82 US

Lepidolite Standing Point

The term cut base top polish means that the mineral is in its natural shape and only the point has..

$32.08 US

Orange Calcite Polished Point

Calcite is composed of the same material as limestone: calcium carbonate. This transparent to op..

$25.66 US

Red Tiger Eye Generator Point

Crystal generator points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point. These genera..

$8.43 US

Rhyolite (Rainforest Jasper) Decorator Piece

These smooth, highly polished semi-precious stones are formed into a sculptural shape to allow the b..

$34.49 US

Sunstone Decorator Point

Polished Sunstone points from India are six sided, slender and tapered. Crystal points are often use..

$16.02 US

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