Standing Crystals

Standing Crystals

Standing crystal and gem pieces really add to a sacred space or any room. They bring a sense of peace and calm.  They are also fascinating to look at.  These pieces emit a wonderful energy, as they are frequently cleansed with sage in our stock room prior to your purchase.  Each standing piece is totally unique with it's own personality and natural "flaws". 

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Selenite Crystal Iceberg

These rough white Selenite standing points are called Icebergs because of their unique shape resembl..

$5.32 US

Polychrome Jasper Flames

Polychrome Jasper is believed by crystal healers to create a comforting feeling of safety, security,..

$32.10 US

Selenite Standing Point

This beautifully tapered point has been carved from selenite. Each point comes with a Selenite marke..

$8.38 US

Shungite Cube ~ Protection, Purification

These Shungite cubes will really add uniqueness and depth to your crystal collections.  They ea..

$12.97 US

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