Buddha Decor

Buddha Decor

Buddhism is the practice of Zen, being present in the here and now, simplicity, kindness, and enlightenment.

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Buddha Mug Set (2) -15%

Buddha Mug Set (2)

What a lovely set of mugs! Keep one for yourself, and gift one to a friend.  Beautiful, full-si..

$22.15US $18.83US

Ganesha Statue Set -20%

Ganesha Statue Set

Adorable Ganesha statue set, gold colored finish.  Hear, see, speak no evil.  Approx ..

$27.94US $22.35US

Happy Wooden Buddha, Large -20%

Happy Wooden Buddha, Large

This sitting happy Buddha is holding a gold ingot in his right hand which represents wealth. This i..

$98.68US $78.94US

Backflow Incense Burner: Buddha Waterfall -15%

Backflow Incense Burner: Buddha Waterfall

This beautiful glazed ceramic incense burner will really add a touch of zen to your home.   Whe..

$19.39US $16.48US

Buddha Incense Holder -15%

Buddha Incense Holder

This lovely ceramic incense holder depicts a Buddha deep in meditation sitting on a Lotus Flower. Th..

$13.95US $11.86US

Garden Buddha Wall Hanging Tapestry -20%

Garden Buddha Wall Hanging Tapestry

Divine Art Tapestry Wall Hanging Collection Garden Buddha Wall Hanging.Designed in mind for the heal..

$48.93US $39.14US

Goddess Tara Statue -20%

Goddess Tara Statue

Tara or Arya Tara, also known as Jetsun Dolma, is a female Bodhisattva typically associated with Tib..

$37.27US $29.82US

Little Buddha Cone Incense Burner -15%

Little Buddha Cone Incense Burner

Use this lovely Buddha ceramic incense holder to burn your favourite fragrant incense cones. This me..

$17.84US $15.16US

Medicine Buddha Incense Holder -15%

Medicine Buddha Incense Holder

This exquisite ceramic incense holder depicts the Medicine Buddha. Let his presence guide you in hea..

$9.29US $7.90US

Resting Buddha -20%

Resting Buddha

Beautiful depiction of a young, serene Buddha. High quality cast-resin – ideal for both indoor and..

$45.07US $36.06US