Scrying Tools

Scrying Tools

Spirit boards and scrying tools have gotten a bad reputation by the incorrect use of Ouija Boards in television and movies.  When used correctly, Spirit Boards can be amazing divination tools.  There is nothing "evil" about them, only bad intentions.  If you have good intentions, you'll have a positive experience with these boards. 

Scrying bowls, mirrors, and other things such as tea leaf reading, is another way of receiving intuitive information.  They are the tool, you are the magick. 

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Enchanted Spellboard Kit

Communicating with spiritual forces—ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, or inner wisdom—can lead to fa..

$25.66 US

Psychic Circle Board Set

Enter the realm where reality and mystery merge with The Psychic Circle™'s Magical Message Board™ an..

$32.11 US

Scrying Bowl 3"

Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object. The ancient ..

$6.38 US

Tiny Palmistry Gift Set -10%

Tiny Palmistry Gift Set

Read your future, add a mystical touch to your home, and learn the art of palm reading with Tiny Pal..

$13.25 US $11.92 US

Awake Your Magic Spirit - Spirit Board - Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes Awake your Magic Spirit Ouija Board.15 1/2 x 12 inchesComes with Planchette..

$26.46 US

Glow In The Dark Ouija Board

Glow in the Dark Spirit / Ouija BoardPLEASE note that this is more of a decorative piece, rather tha..

$26.46 US

Mystic Aura Spirit Board - Anne Stokes

Spirit boards are very powerful tools used to reach loved ones and spirit guides from beyond the gra..

$36.90 US

Ouija Board Set, Soft Type

This is a very unique Ouija Board.  It is crafted out of material that is similar to a mouse pa..

$16.82 US

Sacred Circle Spirit Board Table

This glass table also doubles as a spirit board and features the popular 'Sacred Circle' cat artwork..

$69.02 US

Scrying Bowl, 6"

Fill this hand made black stone scrying bowl with a shallow pool of water and gaze within to gain ..

$12.00 US

The Reader Glass Spirit Board Table

The Reader Glass Spirit Board TableThis awesome table features the artwork of Lisa Parker and doub..

$69.02 US

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