Runes have been used for hundreds of years for divination, protection, spell-work and more.  You can do a full layout in depth reading, or you can pull one per day for reflection and meditation.  They can also be used for healing and protection amulets.  We do offer books on the use of Runes in our book section.

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Animal Speak Runes Kit - Ted Andrews

Ted Andrews' Animal-speak Runes is a book and rune divination kit. This kit contains 40 animal runes..

$26.24 US

Golden Quartz Runes

Box (4 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches) includes 25 golden quartz runes, black velvet bag, and instructio..

$24.73 US

Rainbow Runes

Runes are an ancient Scandinavian esoteric alphabet, whose roots are lost in the mists of antiquity...

$26.24 US

White Onyx Runes

Bring new energy to your divination, magic, and meditation practices with rune stones. Sacred runic ..

$26.24 US

Clear Quartz Rune Set

Each rune is made of Clear Quartz, and each piece has been etched with a Rune, then leafed in black...

$26.24 US

Tree Agate Rune Set

This is a Tree Agate rune set. You will feel the grounding power of the earth within each piece. 2..

$17.98 US

Wooden Rune Set

A set of wood-burned runes with storage pouch in a gift box.  ..

$19.48 US

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