Runes have been used for hundreds of years for divination, protection, spell-work and more.  You can do a full layout in depth reading, or you can pull one per day for reflection and meditation.  They can also be used for healing and protection amulets.  We do offer books on the use of Runes in our book section.

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Citrine Rune Set, Etched

A beautiful set of Elder Futhark runes.  Each are hand carved with gold or silver foiling (e..


Emerald Rune Set

A set of runes containing the entire Elder Futhark and on blank runestone. Made from genuine tumbled..


Rainbow Runes

Runes are an ancient Scandinavian esoteric alphabet, whose roots are lost in the mists of antiquity...


Black Tourmaline Rune Set

Hand carved, this 25 rune set portrays the Elder Futhark on Black Tourmaline in gold lettering, resu..


Blue Onyx Rune Set

set of rune stones with the runes carved into blue onyx dyed tumbled stone and enhanced with gold en..


Cedar Wood Rune Set

Made from fragrant natural cedar branches with the bark still on them.  Each rune is burnt ..


Elder Wood Rune Set

Made from natural elder branches with the bark still on them. Each rune is burnt with the symbols of..


Gemstone Rune Set & Velvet Pouch

This stunning set of 25 runes inscribed on semi-precious gemstones. Attractively presented in a line..


Lapis Rune Set

A beautiful set of runes made from carved and tumbled Lapis. 28 runes from the Elder Futhark plus on..


Sheesham Wood Rune Set

The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank rune burnt ..


Sodalite Rune Set

25 blue tumbled sodalite stones, engraved and gilded with the symbols of the Futhark rune set. Sodal..


Tiger Eye Rune Set

Hand carved, this 25 rune set portrays the Elder Futhark on Tiger Eye in gold lettering, resulting i..


Wooden Rune Set With Satin Pouch

Each rune bag comes complete with a full set of 25 beautifully carved traditional wooden runes ..


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