Celtic knots are complete loops without any beginning or end, this unending style is called pure knots. The knots vary from simple to complicated ones. The use of only one thread highlights the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.
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Alchemy Gothic - Celtic Theurgy Ring

Protective powers of the pentagram under Celtic influence.  A gorgeous lead free pewter ring ma..

$26.32 US

Celtic Dragon Amulet

Representing the raw, elemental power of nature dragons are frequently revered within Celtic myth as..

$7.83 US

Celtic Knot Of Life

A beautiful pendant in sterling silver of the highest quality.  This pendant is a never-ending knot ..

$41.14 US

Celtic Knot Pendant, Sterling

Celtic knotwork and a pentacle create this stunning piece that sells out fast everytime we've stocke..

$29.61 US

Celtic Knot Tree, Sterling

A beautiful Tree of Life created from a Celtic knotwork pattern.  1" in diameter (smaller size)..

$18.08 US

Celtic Knots Pendant, Sterling

A gorgeous Celtic knot pendant set in solid sterling silver.  Celtic knots were a powerful symbol t..

$31.26 US

Celtic Moon Earrings, Sterling

Show your love for the moon and Celtic art with these beautiful sterling silver earrings with Celtic..

$27.14 US

Celtic Shamrock Pendant

Look closely at this shamrock pendant and you'll see beautiful Celtic knots within it's petals. ..

$18.08 US

Druid's Amulet, Sterling

The spiritual forces of the traditional symbol of Wicca magick the Pentacle and the classic Celti..

$40.32 US

Endless Celtic Knot, Sterling Pendant

A gorgeous Celtic knot pendant set in solid sterling silver.  Celtic knots were a powerful symbol t..

$28.79 US

Heart Pentacle Necklace

The pentacle is the star that stays steady and on course. The crescents represent wisdom and intuiti..

$69.97 US

Tree Of Life Pendant In Sterling Silver -10%

Tree Of Life Pendant In Sterling Silver

The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A concept that figures in many diff..

$32.91 US $29.62 US

Trinity Angel Earrings, White Bronze -20%

Trinity Angel Earrings, White Bronze

These earrings feature the Celtic Trinity symbol, and Angels.  They are beautiful earrings with..

$23.02 US $18.42 US

Trinity Spiral Ring, White Bronze -20%

Trinity Spiral Ring, White Bronze

This ring is a beautiful new design cast in white bronze.  The Trinity Spriral represents karma..

$13.96 US $11.17 US

Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

The Triquetra is one of the simplest, yet most profound, of the various Celtic Knots. Encircled here..

$37.02 US

Amethyst Cat Moon Ring, Sterling

This enchanting, handcrafted, sterling silver crescent moon Cat ring features Celtic Knotwork and ge..

$30.44 US

Ankh, Triquetra & Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

A magickal combination of esoteric symbols. The pentacle represents earth, air, fire, water and spir..

$32.91 US

Apahida Triscele Earrings -15%

Apahida Triscele Earrings

Apahida triscele drop earring – Pewter openwork Apahida trisceles on surgical steel hooks.The trisce..

$23.02 US $19.57 US

Apahida Triscele Earrings - Bronze -15%

Apahida Triscele Earrings - Bronze

Bronze openwork Apahida triscele drop earrings on gold-plated sterling silver hooks.The triscel..

$45.26 US $38.47 US

Apahida Triscele Pendant - Bronze -15%

Apahida Triscele Pendant - Bronze

Bronze open knotwork Apahida triscele pendant on gold-plated trace chain.The triscele is commonly fo..

$46.09 US $39.17 US

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